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Upset with her cheeky and disrespectful behaviour over the past months, Betty's husband Jeremy decides to enroll her in a special summer camp for a month.

Formed specifically to teach unruly wives how to behave, the camp uses unorthodox, yet extremely effective methods - the women are treated like children and are scolded and spanked regularly.

Betty is reluctant to take part, but does so in a final attempt to save her marriage.

When Jeremy returns to pick Betty up, he is amazed by the transformation in his wife. The camp disciplinarians are eager to give him and the other husbands pointers on how to lead a more successful marriage using domestic discipline and, happily, Jeremy doesn't have to wait until they return home to try at least one of them out!

A bit milder than Tabitha's other ageplay stories, this five-chapter novella is also ideal for those just beginning to have an interest in this genre. It contains lots of spanking, a bit of sex and, of course, a lot of love.

Publisher's note: Previously released on Blushing Books & re-edited and re-released July 2014.

Tabitha Black

Summer Camp

Published by: Blushing Press

© 2010 - 2014 by Blushing Books and Tabitha Black
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Betty's husband decides to enroll her in a special summer camp for a week - lots of spanking, a bit of sex and, of course, a lot of love.

Number of Chapters: 5 Chapters / 25'800 Words -




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A reader:

I am not a fan of this book. I don\\\'t find it believable, and hated that all the blame was put on the woman. So, unless there was something to brainwash them put in their milk, I don\\\'t see how 5 - 7 days could make that much difference. I also didn\\\'t like the end where they are now more daughters instead of wives.

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A reader:

A place where husbands can send their bratty, disrespectful wives for lessons and corrections! The ladies are forced to dress in little girl dresses and are treated like children during their stay. Camp is in a dormitory setting, with schooling and counseling. But each lady is given one of one time with their camp \"Daddy\" to discuss their issues and receive correction. Half way during the 4 week camp, their husbands are asked to attend and witness the improvements in the wives and even have an over the knee spanking session. They are also given further information to incorporate into their home after their little girls return as sweet wives. This story is full over domestic discipline with age play in a boot camp setting. All the wives are treated like little girls from their dresses to nap time.

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A reader:

3 1/2 stars This was a story of a husband and wife who is having trouble in their marriage. Betty and Jeremy are doing nothing but arguing with each other and not sharing intimacy. Jeremy finds an ad in the classified section that promises that your marriage can be saved by sending your wife to our camp. The novella doesn’t really touch on how they got to where they are or any in depth character development. It is short, about 52 pages. Jeremy sends Betty there as a last resort. She threatens to divorce him after going to the camp. &newline&The camp is an age playing camp where wives are subjected to not only age play but domestic discipline. The women are treated to trap door pjs and bottles of milk and other childhood rules. They are spanked by a daddy figure or an auntie figure if they disobey the rules. After a month, all of the women are so happy to embrace the lifestyle (which was hard to believe, but I didn’t write the story). &newline&The story has a happy ending. There was minimal mention of sex with no explicit scenes. There is use of a hair brush, hand, cane, paddle and mouth soaping. It is not severe or heavy. &newline&

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A reader:

This was a first from Tabitha Black for me and I loved it. Such a great read. What woman doesn\'t dream of going away to a camp designed for disciplining a naughty wife?&newline&&newline&And then they train the hubbies too. Where do we sign up?

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