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At nearly 50,000 words Spanking Times Eleven is a collection of 11 stories that is a consolidation of two other previously published collections, The Scarlet Society and The Puritan Museum. Priced at only $3.95 this set of stories represents a significant discount. The stories in the collection include:

The Scarlet Society - A girls' school in the Old South has a prestigious club that harbors a shocking secret.

It's About Time - A mission to travel back in time requires that an agent impersonate a school girl, but in 1942 the school's disciplinary regime is a bit different and is decidedly old fashioned.

A Gift from Great Aunt Kate - A painting that is an heirloom in the Rockman family has some unique properties, especially for horny and naughty wives whose husbands are away. But beware. The painting extracts a painful price.

Naughty French Maids - Lisa and Beth are two sorority girls auctioned off as French maids in a charity auction. Their employers are hosting a dinner party and they'd better be on their best behavior or else. The employers have a few kinks the girls don't know about.

A Fairy Tale - A kingdom being ravaged by a fierce dragon needs the magic of the tears of a virgin princess to defeat the beast. Luckily, the king has three lovely daughters. But how to procure the tears?

31 Hours - A substitute principal must deal with a hot headed female colleague, two naughty cheerleaders and angry parents. A lot can happen in 31 hours.

The Puritan Museum - A tale of supernatural revenge. A young and naive faculty wife spreads gossip and incurs the wrath of the powerful wife of the Dean of Students. But even revenge has its price.

Mission Impossible, The Lost Episode - The MI team must rescue a female agent and two teenage nieces of the ambassador who have been sentenced to a harsh punishment for religious blasphemy in a backward Slavic country.

The Craving - A girl moves in with a guy and must break a bad habit, but it's hard. It's a craving. The Spencer Spanking Plan might help.

After the CP Act - What if a criminal offender, say a pretty girl caught driving under the influence, could avoid jail by accepting corporal punishment. What would that really be like?

Romanian Holiday - A guy in a bar relates a lurid tale of sex and flagellation on a vacation in the Carpathian mountains to an avid female listener. Make sure you catch her last name before taking her home, buddy.

Rollin Hand

Spanking Times Eleven

Published by: DT Publications

Copyright © 2014 Rollin Hand.
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