Loki Renard Savage's Woman: Military Discipline, Book Three
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Over the past few years, smart mouthed savant Zora Matthews has been kidnapped, incarcerated, soundly spanked, and forced to work for both the government and rogue mercenary forces alike. It's been a rough ride for the independent and oh so rebellious brat who bows to no man - save one.

Now she's free, and finally with the hard nosed military man who started the whole troublesome saga by snatching her out of her life and putting her firmly over his knee. As long as they keep their heads down, they can live a normal life - or so they think.

It turns out that being normal is much more difficult than either Zora or Savage anticipated. When the military discovers their location and Zora and Savage must leave their simple life go on the run one last time, she can't help but notice that he doesn't seem to mind too much. Whilst hiding, Zora has to face the issues they've both been avoiding. Can they ever run far enough to escape the government? And does Savage really want to?

In the fast paced, hard hitting conclusion to the Military Discipline series, Zora and Savage must face the ultimate obstacles to their love - themselves.

Loki Renard

Savage's Woman: Military Discipline, Book Three

Published by: Blushing Press

©2013 by Blushing Books® and Loki Renard
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A reader:

I adore Loki\\\'s books. This is suppose to be the conclusion of the Military Discipline Series but I would love a forth book. Zola is bratty, foul mouthed, brilliant and adorable. Savage is strict, rigid and meltingly alpha. There is adventure, action, suspense and lots of spanking. I don\\\'t want to have it end yet.

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A reader:

Better than book two, and it was nice to see how the story ended. I wouldn\'t bother reading this, though, if I hadn\'t read the first two.

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A reader:

Savage’s Woman is the third book in Loki Renard’s Military Discipline series. In the last book, Zora Matthews and Brett Savage escaped and ran with Anja. We start this story with the three of them holed up and laying low. Savage is working as a pizza delivery guy. Anja and Savage quickly realize that someone is onto them and they escape. We follow them on their escape. Then, Savage is given a chance to come back to the military and he takes it happily. Unfortunately, Zora is not as happy to go back.&newline&Loki Renard has another hit on her hands. There is action, suspense and, of course, lots and lots of discipline. I love that this series is more severe than most spanking stories. And it isn’t gratuitous discipline, Zora is an unrepentant brat. If she doesn’t get her way, she sulks, she throws temper tantrums, she hacks her way through the internet. And… she gets punished. We also have a twist in this story. When Savage gets sent away on a mission, Zora gets a keeper who is sort of like a nanny. It definitely makes for an interesting story. &newline&Now, on a personal note, please, Loki Renard, please keep writing about these characters. I want to know what happens with Anja and Martin Holt, the new character in the series. He is a psychologist trying to understand why Zora is the way she is. I also want to see how Zora and Savage’s relationship evolves. I highly recommend this book for everyone! If you haven’t read the first 2 books in the series, please do so. They are just as well written!&newline&

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A reader:

Oh my Ms. Renard has done it again and really it comes as no surprise! I have loved Zora from the first book, she just makes me laugh out loud because she just is really that funny. The prank with the dress store had me rolling, sorry but I will say no more on that, no spoilers here :) Captain Savage is as dominate as ever and sexy as hell. I rather enjoyed the dynamic between Ms. Wright and Zora, she was a great addition to this story! I believe this is to be the conclusion to this series but I am hoping, sincerely, there will be another....maybe with Martin and Anja...hmmm If you have not read this series then stop now and buy all three, read them in order and have a wonderful time, because you will....seriously.

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