Leslie McKelvey Right Place, Right Time
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While shooting pictures of a mama bear and her cubs in Rocky Mountain National Park, wildlife photographer Beth Drummond witnesses a murderous shootout and the violent deaths of four men. When those responsible realize they've not only been seen but also photographed they give chase, determined to tie up loose ends. Praying she can outdistance her pursuers Beth dashes headlong through the woods, intent on nothing but reaching safety.

When Special Agent Bear Bristol, on leave from the FBI, hears gunshots and sees the woman running for her life, he knows he must intervene. He recognizes those who are chasing her and realizes that things are much worse than they seem. A vicious cartel with a mole at the FBI has put a target on Beth's back, and there is no one they can trust. Unable to call for backup, Bear must keep Beth safe until they can figure out who the inside man is.

As they struggle to stay one step ahead of both corrupt law enforcement and the killers they learn to trust one another, and realize there is more between them than just friendship born of necessity. Can they overcome the obstacles they face, or will they win the fight to live only to lose the battle to love?

Leslie McKelvey

Right Place, Right Time

Published by: Black Velvet Seductions

Copyright 2015 Leslie McKelvey
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Number of Chapters: Twenty-seven - Word Count: 140833




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A reader:

There is no spanking, and it is boring

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A reader:

The writing style was above average compared to what I have read ..it had every thing it was long enough ..it held danger strong women and men kept you interested ...but lacked a bit in the protection...no spanking at all the protection was bigger like a strategy ..was a good story but could have been better..

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A reader:

This is not a spanking book, but it is very, very good. The story is so intriguing, it will leave you wanting more. She was a very strong character, and he is definitely an alpha male. I would prefer a story like this, than one where they added a spanking to make it a spanking story. And, frankly, the spanking wouldn\'t fit with this. There is danger around every corner, and just when you think everything is going to go okay, more suspense happens. I would highly recommend this to any reader. Written very well, would love to read more from this author.

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