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At the age of eighteen, all women who cannot afford a dowry for marriage must be placed in a facility in the hopes of being adopted by an affluent husband.

To maintain order, all women go through a mental reassignment reverting their minds to six- year-old girls - progenies. By keeping the women innocent in all ways before marriage, they can later function as a wife and mother more efficiently. The progenies are sheltered, nurtured, babied, and even disciplined by their assigned poppas. The progenies have no baggage, no hardship, no broken hearts. There are no dark secrets in their lives, no torrid affairs, and no pain. Their husband is buying the purest gem there is. He adopts for marriage so his wife is flawless. Life has not chipped away at her.

But what happens when the mental reassignment doesn't work? This is what happens to Juniper Ambrose... she's not truly the little girl she should be. She has no choice but to play the twisted game of pretend, hoping no one, especially her poppa, finds out. Secrets, lies, pretending - this is the world the progeny, and her poppa, have been thrown into.

Alta Hensley

Poppa's Progeny

Published by: Blushing Press

©2015 by Blushing Books® and Alta Hensley
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A reader:

This story is about an imaginary society set in the future around 2156. It is well described and rather dark and frightening in parts. Unlike the other girls who actually are 6 years old mentally Juniper has to pretend to be 6 for 10 long years. We learn about her struggles to keep it up in the repetitive everyday tedium of facility life. That is until Poppa Costello arrives to look after her. I liked the very unique take on this futuristic society and especially liked where it was leading to which I guess will come in the next book.

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A reader:

I\'ve mixed feelings towards this novel, partly because of the rather abrupt ending for this story. I am left wondering how Juniper and her Poppa fared at the end of the novel.&newline&&newline&On the other hand, the story is rather engaging as an ageplay story, however more information could be provided on the premise behind the setting of the novel. I am hoping for a sequel that will shed more light on Juniper and her Poppa\'s future, as well as providing more info on the premise for the setting.

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A reader:

This story was unlike any ageplay story I have read before. It has little girls, naughtiness, spankings, and forbidden love. The are also lots of secrets and mystery. Juniper has a big secret she has been keeping for 10 years and if found out terrible things could happen to her. She has to play pretend that she is a six year old little girl because the facilities mental reassignment didn\'t work on her. I really got caught up in this story and couldn\'t put it down. I really hope there is a second part. I need to know what happens to Juniper, her Poppa, and everyone else. &newline&

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A reader:

The time is the future and in it, women whose families are unable to provide huge dowries for their daughters, lose them to a facility at the age of 18. The moment the women enter, they are forced to regress to the age of six and become the responsibility of their Poppa – they are his progeny. Juniper has been in a facility for years – waiting for the day she is ‘adopted’ for marriage. The longer the woman remains, the higher her adoption price. What happens if the price is too high, what happens if no one steps forward? Juniper is far less concerned about getting adopted than she is a being discovered that she has already fallen in love with someone forbidden to her. I don’t wish to give away too much but must say that I thoroughly enjoyed the plot and premise of this book. I also will be looking for the sequel and praying that human beings never give up the fight for justice.

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