Rachel de Vine One Wife, Three Husbands
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Polly James has a difficult start in life. Evicted by her aunt and uncle at the age of 18 she is forced into the workhouse in 1820s London and one day, in desperation, she steals a ring - but is caught. As an alternative to jail she is offered the opportunity to go to Australia to live as a de facto wife for three farmers. Life in Australia is hard for these early settlers and the lack of women means that a young man from an aristocratic background, Archibald Burton, comes up with this scheme of a shared wife to help solve the problem.

Polly has a difficult voyage and is twice punished for crimes she did not commit and lives in trepidation of the life that awaits her in Australia. Fortunately two out of three of her "husbands" turn out to be kind, and one, in particular, introduces Polly to the excitements of the bedroom she never knew existed. Unfortunately the third man does not treat Polly well, but she endures him, comforted by the fact that the other two make up for his cold treatment.

When tragedy comes to the farm, the local constable is shocked to hear about the living arrangements of the four people and believes that Polly is implicated in the death of one of the men. It takes a man she thought she would never see again to rescue her from the despair she feels at the injustice that is heaped upon her.

Rachel de Vine

One Wife, Three Husbands

Published by: Blushing Press

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A reader:

3 1/2 stars The book is well written and comes full circle. If you can get by the fact that a young girl is Sold to three men to be there contractual wife for 5 years, you can get into the story. &newline&&newline&Polly is a young maiden that is desperate for food so she steals a ring and is captured. She is sent to prison and offered the choice to go to Australia and be the wife of three men since there is a shortage of women. &newline&&newline&Bad luck seems to follow Polly. She is falsely accused of many things that she didn't do and is punished by a cane, and belt for it. There are a few spankings given in love by one of her husbands, but mostly the spankings are punishment for misdeeds that she didn't commit. No one ever believes her because they have the prejudice of her past and her low station in life.&newline&&newline&In her new life she meets the three farmers that are to be her husbands. She cares for two of the three, and the third, John, is quite a nasty man that tries to make trouble for her. Polly is again wrongly accused because of prejudice against her past run in with the law and her current situation. &newline&&newline&The story was interesting and luckily Polly has a knight in shining armor that comes to her rescue. The premise of three husbands for one wife was hard to get over. The story was interesting and I found myself yelling at the book, don’t go there….but of course they couldn't hear me. There were sex scenes that were somewhat graphic. Polly was a virgin before taking this offer, and she must constantly give herself to her “husbands” for which she will eventually be paid at the end of 5 years. So she is a prostitute of sorts, just limited to three men who she also cooks and keeps house for. &newline&&newline&You are drawn to Polly and her predicaments. She is likable. The rest of the characters you don’t get to see much about who they are or how they got there. You only see how they interact with Polly. That would have been nice to learn more about the other characters. How they got to where they were. Why they came to Australia. How they became a small group of three. What was some of the baggage that made them what they became. The book wasn't a character study per say. You were told this is how they were and didn't get to see a deeper view. It was a tale of the trials of Polly and how she emerges at the end. It had a happy ending. No cliff hangers. You didn't see Polly in depth either, just how she made it through her trials. I liked the book, but it is not your typical story.&newline&

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A reader:

I enjoyed the premise behind this story as it was different than most. I really wish it could have been much longer and given more insight and back story to the characters. It is well written though with a good story and I loved the ending!

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A reader:

An interesting read. Polly was a likeable girl and she got her deserved happy ending. It was fairly crude and explicit with the men generally seeing her as an object to fulfil their needs and fantasies. There was not a lot of romance until towards the end when she meets her future husband. Nice ending which was definitely full of love and romance.

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A reader:

I wish I could say different but this book had no real story and Polly was protrayed more as a whore then a wife. As another reviewer said not your typical story. The spankings were okay at least the erotic ones were the one by the captian was abuse.

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