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After a traumatic breakup, Callie Harris returns to the tiny island where she grew up, to reopen the family bookstore, and hopefully, to make a living. The sparsely populated island is owned by a beloved but eccentric old woman, eighty-nine year old spinster, Tulip Prendergast, who lives alone in a ramshackle Victorian mansion built by her father more than a hundred years ago. Callie is dismayed to find that the charming old bookshop where she needs to work and live has been condemned - by order of a vengeful enemy from the past, who's now the mayor. There's a handsome new police chief in the village named Rob McCaffrey, and the attraction between he and Callie is immediate. The blossoming romance hits a snag, though, when Callie learns that it was Rob who signed the order of eviction on her shop.

Disheartened and broke, and too proud to ask her friend Tulip for help, a frustrated Callie lashes out in anger, and wreaks havoc on the Mayor's office. The tantrum earns her a blistering tongue lashing from Tulip, and a highly memorable spanking from the exasperated Chief of Police.

Behind the scenes, Rob has been trying to get the eviction order lifted, and with Tulip's help, he finally succeeds. When his aging houseboat home sinks, he rents Callie's back room, and the romance is rekindled. With her romance going beautifully, and her shop reopening, Callie's chaotic life finally seems to be back on track - kept there, sometimes, with a cautionary paddling from Rob McCaffrey.

And then, just when things are looking up, Callie stumbles over a body on the beach.

As the mystery of the victim's identity unravels, and the evidence seems to point to Tulip, Callie begins to be troubled by disturbing memories from her childhood. Memories of dark tunnels, and cries in the night. Half-remembered legends of a ghostly figure, dancing on a moonlit beach. And stories about a stolen child, who disappeared, and never returned.

April Hill


Published by: Blushing Press

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Number of Chapters: 62,500 Words -




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A reader:

It was an interesting story with spanking scenes. The heroine, Callie has a bad temper and is always getting in trouble because of her mouth and her actions. She tends to act on impulse and think of the precautions later.. I enjoyed the story. I was happy that all the ends were tied up and complete at the end. The end did feel a bit rushed for me with a few surprises. I didn\\\'t really know the characters as much as I would have liked to know them. There were some flashes of Callie\\\'s childhood and of her growing up. There wasn\\\'t much on Rob and his past. It was an enjoyable read. I would have liked to know more about the town and them and Tulip. They solve a murder. They seem to fall in love. There are no graphic sex scenes, just that they sleep together and kiss. without being married. There are spankings for her foul mouth and her temper and for her actions. I would have liked more about Rob and there relationship, and maybe a bit more on Tulip. But it was a good quick read with light DD.

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A reader:

I enjoyed this very much. Callie always gets into trouble, get spanked and hot sex. Some of the trouble is very funny and the descriptions are so vivid that I lol. Way to go, April

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A reader:

Robert, the new police chief, meets Callie when she comes back home to the island to live. She is such a brat and Robert spanks her for the first time after she broke into the Mayor\\\'s office. This set the tone for their relationship. Then a big mystery comes along and she won\\\'t keep her nose out of it. I really liked this book and Rob and Callie. Would like to know more about them.

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A reader:

Um...not great...it felt like someone was telling you its black or white but was taking a long time to tell the story…….I was very bored with this after a few chapters but kept reading just in case based on the rating and the author ……in summary too much detail which did not add to the story

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