Georgia St Claire Mind Me, Mae
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Writer Mabel Wainwright is taking up residence in the small town of Menton so she can write her next book.

She thinks it's the perfect little town to find some peace and quiet and work.

What she doesn't expect is to find a town that centers around domestic discipline, even if you are an unmarried woman.

Sheriff Will Bates will guide Mabel in her new life. Will what is supposed to be a temporary move turn into something more permanent? And can Will save Mabel from a man from her past that has followed her to her new home?

Georgia St Claire

Mind Me, Mae

Published by: Blushing Press

©2015 by Blushing Books® and Georgia St. Claire
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Number of Chapters: Nineteen - Word Count: 78600




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A reader:

I could say many things about this book but I can summarise it by saying that I didn't like it at all. I don't believe how the relationship between Mabel and Will is stabilised. And the punishments are to much.

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A reader:

I think this would have been so much better if Mabel had not been such a goody two shoes. Really she was almost saint like. The constant punishment she received was over the top, especially the last one. He was too controlling. The day some man takes away my rental car and i still have to pay for it would just about be the end of me. What is she 10. I get the whole d/d community, but enough is enough. I didn\'t think that part was believable. I was also not a fan of the whole religion thing being brought it, but the writing was done well, so it helped me get through it. It might have helped more if there was more description on their relationship (there love making, etc.). Without that, the couple didn\'t seem to be a couple other than the words they shared, which wasn\'t enough. One of my favorite parts of the whole book was when Mabel brought up the part about once the spanking is over she is supposed to be forgiven and to make her sit on any surface on purpose means the punishment is not over (this always bothers me in other books when this happens). It is a valid point, and should be addressed. I do believe there is more to this story then what we got, so maybe there will be a sequel. As another reviewer mentioned, a few unanswered questions.

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A reader:

This is a page turner story with delightful characters and witty dialogue. You can\'t help but fall in love with the town, even the busy-bodies. When the townspeople of Menton adopt you as one of their own, they embrace you . Paranormal Romance Writer, Mabel Wainwright has decided to leave the city in the North and go South to write her next book and picks the quaint town of Menton. She needs to get a feel for the new characters because she is changing from Vampires to Werewolves. Talk about a change, she doesn\'t realize when she picked Menton, that this town and their men enforce Domestic Discipline and that includes even temporary guest as herself. Sheriff Will Bates has demanded to the town he will be the \"minder\" to Maebelle, as he calls her, having remembered her from college. Mabel accepts the terms that the Sheriff lays out for her along with what she considers silly rules, after all, she is used to being on her own in a big city, this is the country. You can\'t help but fall in love with the town and its people who are polite and courteous, the men are dominate. One thing about living in a small southern town, everyone knows everyone else\'s business and news travels fast. What happens when Will learns that Mabel isn\'t working on her book and is being threatened with breach of contract?

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A reader:

The people from the town of Menton are absolutely marvelous. They are funny, full of life and I could read about them every day. Will Bates, however, is the town sheriff who needs to be replaced by someone who better fits the town. He took away Mabel’s car making her walk and letting no one give her a lift. He was told how Mabel enacted the parts she was writing, yet he punished her when she did it. His final punishment was so over the top I wanted Mabel to file charges. He is so full of himself, I found myself skipping the parts of the story where he was involved. Unfortunately, that meant I skipped most of the story. Mabel deserved better. I’d like a story about the residents of the town minus Will. I’d buy that one.

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