Carol Storm Merit's Reward
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Merit Alexander - A woman in control. Wealthy, cultivated, powerful and respected. A strikingly attractive mature woman, who has kept her passions firmly in check for years. A loving mother who will do anything to protect her two extraordinary daughters.

But at the age of forty-six, Merit Alexander is shocked to discover that she wants more. A discreet affair with a much younger man seems to be just what the doctor ordered - and his strict discipline and dominant personality soon awaken her to a whole new world of submissive pleasures. But when the dark secrets of Victor Crowne's blue-collar past threaten to destroy everything she cherishes most, can Merit find the courage to make the most difficult decision of all?

Victor Crowne - The Ultimate Rebel. A renegade biker with a chip on his shoulder, Vic has been fighting all his life for independence and respect. The last thing he wants is to become the pampered plaything of a rich and powerful older woman - even if Merit Alexander's cool demeanor and aristocratic good looks soon ignite the young biker's most primitive desires.

Vic's stubborn pride makes him spurn the lavish gifts and luxurious lifestyle his new lover is happy to offer him. Merit's total and willing submission is the only gift he craves. But tough, blue-collar Vic is also a man of honor, and he'll do anything to keep his woman and her children safe - even if it means turning his back on the promise of a better future.

Merit didn't mean to make Victor her lover at first. Her morning ride along the woodland trail was a time for her to clear her head, to focus on the blessings of nature and the lavish beauty of her vast private estate. But suddenly the wealthy woman on horseback came face to face with a trespasser - badly injured but still devastatingly attractive. He was young, and in spite of his cheerful wisecracks, it was obvious that the hot- bodied hunk with the teasing blue eyes and jet- black hair had no money and no insurance. He needed rest and care, and her stately home was just over the hill.

Vic didn't mean to make a play for the gorgeous doll in the fancy riding clothes. Not at first, anyway. He didn't like women who gave orders, and he didn't like being carried up the hill to her white-columned mansion and put to bed like some helpless cripple. Victor Crowne didn't do helpless. So when the knockout blonde with the chiseled features and the cool gray eyes came to check on him, he made it real clear to her that he took charity from nobody.

But when she gave him that regal and haughty look, and told him he could pay her back nice and slow, any time and any way he desired, something just snapped inside him. Vic wanted to teach the rich woman a lesson, but he knew a simple spanking wouldn't be enough. He was going to have to teach Merit Alexander everything about being a woman with a dominant man - especially how it felt to be his.

Carol Storm

Merit's Reward

Published by: Blushing Press

©2015 by Blushing Books® and Carol Storm
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A reader:

One of the reasons I loved this book was because it\'s about an older woman with 2 grown up daughters. She was hesitant to become involved with this younger man, she was afraid her daughters would be ashamed and angry. ( they just wanted her to be happy) and was afraid of what her friends thought. He was a wonderful strong dominant man that did everything thing he could for her. This has romance, erotic sex, spanking her when she made negative comments about her body. This was a wonderfulmread. I\'m adding Carol Storm to my list of favorite authors.

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A reader:

This is a story of a wealthy and powerful business woman, 46 year-old Merit Alexander and a younger man in his twenties, Victor Crowne. When they nearly crashed into each other, Merit on her stallion and Victor on his motorcycle, he swerves and hits a tree to avoid hitting her. Victor is a renegade, but has a good heart in spite of what his father believes. Merit has been married twice, her first husband was an older man, but they were a love match, with one daughter, Madeline. Her second husband gave her another daughter, Maggie. Victor and Merit have an unusual relationship, at times it is uncertain who is dominate and who is submissive, there is a fight for control and even both switch. The story keeps the pages turning, the dialogue is a bit to the corny side with some of the endearments and heartwarming at other times. The story does include mobsters, threats, kidnapping, rescue and murder. There are multiple spanking scenes and the sex is moderate, with a HEA ending.

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A reader:

This is about Merit and Victor. Merit is 46 and older than Victor who is in his 20’s. Merit meets Victor when she causes him to crash his motorcycle instead of hitting her and her horse. Merit feels guilty and brings him to her house to recover. Merit has been married twice. The first husband is the one who taught her discipline through spankings. They had a daughter, Madeline. The second husband was because she was lonely. They had a daughter as well, Maggie, but they divorced. Merit is a high powered businesswoman intent on getting her way in business and she wants Victor. Victor disciplines Merit with her own permission. But, Merit is the one who controls this relationship. I did enjoy the femdom content. I give this story 4 stars.

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A reader:

Well written involved story with femdom young lover two daughters money etc, etc, etc. There is a lot in this book.

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