Patricia Green & Karin Ito Master of Two
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Discover the world of Kevin Watson and his two lovely partners, Renee McNamara and Amiko Saito.

In this story, Kevin and his women are sundered by an evil Countess, who claims to be in love with Amiko, so kidnaps her and drags her to the continent as her slave. Kevin can't countenance the loss of one of the women he loves and he and Renee embark on a mission to retrieve their partner and bring her back home to Los Angeles.

There are tribulations and dominance challenges along the way, often complicated by their rough, hired private detective, Ross Adler. Kevin's sadism peaks and valleys along with his moods. Renee is brokenhearted that her friend and lover is missing but she is devoted to Kevin and his harsh way of showing his love. Amiko's experience is brutal and a trial to the lovely woman's fortitude.

Can Kevin and Renee vanquish the evil Countess? Will they get Amiko back, and if so, in what condition?

Note: This book contains dark BDSM situations, graphic sex, and some M/f/f menage.

Patricia Green & Karin Ito

Master of Two

Published by: Blushing Press

©2014 by Blushing Books® and Patricia Green, Karin Ito
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Number of Chapters: 14 Chapters / 34,700 Words -




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A reader:

This is my first ever story of this type... a master with two submissives. I love, love, LOVED it! The writing was beautiful and flawless, the story fast-paced, sexy and delicious! Well done! Encore, encore!

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A reader:

I was drawn in from the few pages and couldn\'t put it down until I finished it. Amiko and Renee have a beautiful relationship and it only blooms with their Master, Kevin. When Amiko is kidnapped you could feel the angst from Kevin and Renee as it put a strain on their relationship.&newline&&newline&Kevin is a sadist, he enjoys giving pain and his subs enjoy receiving it. When Amiko goes missing Kevin briefly softens up only to snap out of it and be sure to keep Renee into place. As they go around the world to find Amiko and clue after clue turns up a dead end.&newline&&newline&Amiko\'s experience is heart wrenching because all she wants to do is go home to her Master. I loved this story and that every time you thought you had it figured out there was another twist and a turn here and there.&newline&&newline&I really enjoyed reading about the experiences and pain this trio goes through. Five well earned stars!

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A reader:

Master of Two is an energetic story which introduces us to Kevin Watson and his two submissives, Amiko and Renee. When Amiko is kidnapped, Kevin and Renee must take on the task of tracking her down. They enlist the help of Ross Adler, an objectionable but effective Private Investigator and embark on a rescue mission across Europe as they follow Amiko\'s trail and try to find out who has taken her and why.&newline&&newline&Amidst all the fast-paced excitement, it\'s a wonder the authors manage to fit in any erotica at all but, don\'t worry, they totally do. With Amiko missing in action for most of the book, the majority of the sex scenes take place between Kevin and Renee who - quite believably, actually - temper their frustrations and anxieties over their lover\'s disappearance with a whole bunch of sexy spankings and stern domination. Kevin is frequently referred to as a \'sadist\' but there\'s nothing unpleasant in his brutally rough play. Renee is more than receptive to his rules. There are a few nicely satisfying scenes with all three lovers which illustrate well how the One Master Two Slaves dynamic works for this little group.&newline&&newline&I really enjoyed this book. It is well plotted, engaging and frequently very hot indeed. Patricia Green and Karin Ito make a fantastic writing partnership.

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A reader:

Kevin Watson, Master and Sadist has two partners, Renee McNarmara and Amiko Saito. All three share his house and the girls are under his protection. Kevin has a sister Lori, that is in assisted care from an accident that has cause pieces of bone fragments to be loose in her brain. Both women care about Lori and are regular visitors to her. After a visit to see Lori, each in their own vehicle, Kevin and Renee arrive home but Amiko doesn\'t. After a few hours and no word from her, they find her car and phone, but no sign of her. She has been abducted and taken on private charter planes away. This story takes us on the journey for Kevin and Renee to travel into Europe and what they have to do to get Amiko back from a demented Femdom Countess. Note that this story does have consensual spankings that are very harsh as well as M/F/F relationship.

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