Laetitia Lovers and Strangers


Lovers and Strangers is a generation continuation of Wives and Lovers.

Mary Catherine Moreland, the daughter of James and Katherine Moreland, has come to court to serve as a lady in waiting to the young Queen Elizabeth.

The story unfolds as Elizabeth assembles her new court surrounding herself with former playmates, like Mary Catherine, her half brother and half sister the Careys, and Thomas Dubh Butler the 10th Earl of Ormande from Ireland.

Butler and & Cat are like oil and water and squabble and love with historic proportion that rivals the tumultuous court of the Virgin Queen.


Lovers and Strangers

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A reader:

This is the continuation of the wives and lovers book by laetitia, however you do not have to read the first book to understand this one since there are only a few references of the first one in this book... Anyway, Cat Moreland who is a good friend of Queen Elizabeth and one of her ladies in waiting ends up in the lap of Thomas Butler, who has fallen in love with the girl... It\\\'s a cute story since the girl is super feisty and the man very dominant...

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