Carolyn Faulkner Let Me In
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Submission didn't come easily to Miranda LaVoie, least of all to a man like Mace Kennedy, who everyone in town but her seemed to be chasing.

But she didn't need a man - didn't need a dom, especially, she was quite sure. Her streak of independence was a mile wide, thanks to someone in her past that she had been stupid enough to trust with a knowledge of what it was she craved between the sheets.

Mace had known he'd wanted Miranda from the moment he'd seen her - as she was gracefully gliding away from him, which she seemed to do a lot of. But he could be a patient man when the goal was worthy enough, and his head, his heart, and his loins deemed that having her in his arms, beneath him, or over his lap was more than worth any expenditure of time or effort as he fought to banish the shadows of fear he saw in those beautiful eyes.

Carolyn Faulkner

Let Me In

Published by: Blushing Press

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A reader:

5 stars&newline&This was a different story for Ms. Faulkner. Miranda is an artist that has a stubborn streak. She was abused by her last dom and still holds the emotional scars from that relationship. Mace is a wealthy cowboy that loves Miranda and wants only the best for her. He realizes that she has been hurt and works to help her. The story had flash backs to her last relationship. This gives you an insight to her last lover. Sometimes, until you realized the chapter was a flashback, you were not&newline&sure what was happening, but only briefly. But the flash backs helped you understand where she was&newline&coming from as she struggled to Let Mace in. &newline&There was a lot of graphic pre marital sex without commitment. There were spankings with belt, and hand. It has a happy ending. It was a different, but very good read.&newline&

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A reader:

Carolyn Faulkner is a fantastic author and I read everything she writes. Everything. This book is a fine example of why I do. The chemistry between Mace and Miranda is off the chart and smoking HOT. Pure alpha male and a woman who is a spitfire, mix them together and you get fireworks! Very nicely done!

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A reader:

Great story Plot is well written with hot scenes The Hero and heroine burn up the pages and keep you reading

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A reader:

I really didn\'t think I was going to like this book even I first stayed reading it but the more I read the more I liked it. I\'ve read most of Carolyn Faulknera books and areally rarely disappointed!

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