Misty Malone Learning to Drive Him Crazy
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Alana Carpenter is disappointed when she fails her driver's license test, but when the examiner, John, asks her out for dinner, she accepts. While they're eating, he offers to help her learn to drive. Before long, he's helping with other things, as well, like her inability to save money to buy the car that she'll need when she gets her license.

One day when she is out shopping with her best friend Kelli, they experience some car trouble. It just won't start! Alana calls John, who's at his brother, Cal's house. Both men go to rescue the girls, and Cal and Kelli hit it off immediately. Cal is soon helping Kelli change some bad habits she's acquired, much the same way John's helping Alana - with an occasional trip over his knee.

During one of the girls' many adventures, they overhear some men talking about a robbery scheduled to take place in a few days. The girls are hesitant to tell their boyfriends, who won't be happy with what they were doing when they came across this information, so they do some investigating on their own. Eventually they realize they have to go to John and Cal with the information they've uncovered. The four soon find themselves knee-deep in a dangerous situation. The worst part is, the girls know they won't get out of it unscathed. If the thieves don't hurt them, their boyfriends will - with an old-fashioned spanking for putting themselves in harm's way!

Misty Malone

Learning to Drive Him Crazy

Published by: Blushing Press

©2014 by Blushing Books® and Misty Malone
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Number of Chapters: 16 Chapters / 73,000 Words -




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A reader:

This is a well written sweet romantic DD story There are two heroines in this story and they take the two Hero\'s on a journey as they keep them on their toes But don\'t worry to much the Hero\'s know just when to take them in hand As they take a journey will they find their happy ever after Check it out the story is a fun and sweet read you don\'t want to miss

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A reader:

This is a well written story by Misty Malone. We meet Alana while she is taking a driving test to get her license. John is the man giving the test. Alana fails, but John asks her out to dinner and tells her that he would love to help her get her license. Meanwhile, her best friend Kelli is the one who has been teaching her how to drive. But, she knows that she is not doing a good job and tells her to accept John’s offer. Next we meet John’s brother Cal who quickly falls for Kelli. In fact, the first night they meet, Kelli and Alana get a spanking from their respective man. There is a mystery to be solved and of course, many spankings along the way. There is a HEA in sight for Alana and John, but we don’t learn what happens with Kelli and Cal. I am hoping for a sequel. This was a longer book than most spanking stories nowadays. It helped that nothing seemed rushed and the plot moved along at its own speed. I hate when a book ends abruptly because, it seems, that the right number of pages has been reached. Ms. Malone wrote until the story was told. I give this story 5 stars!&newline&

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A reader:

M. Malone has written a full spanking novel. This is the story of two best friends who fall for two brothers. Both brothers believe in traditional way of doing things. The true alpha male ready and prepared to protect, provide and discipline. The two young ladies make a variety of poor choices that put them in danger and are lovingly reminded to think before acting with a trip over their protectors knee and loving cuddles. I like that it was longer than most.

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A reader:

This is a sweet, innocent spanking story about two couples, best friends and brothers, who are beginning their DD relationships. The brothers are gently instructing on how they care for and guide their loves. Malone has not skimped on her detail to story, giving the reader a well fleshed out picture of how these four learn to trust and care for each other. It is nice to have an author who cares for the story and not the speedy delivery. I enjoyed each moment of this cop tale.

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