Maren Smith Kaylee's Keeper: Masters of the Castle Book 2
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Kaylee Waters has saved her pennies for almost two years, mentally debated for six months, changed her mind no less than two-dozen times and finally purchased a three-day pass to what promised to be the vacation of a lifetime: The Castle, the kinkiest theme-resort-to-end-all-vacation-resorts.

So what if she'd fibbed a little on her online application? (Everyone does!) So what if she'd never "actually" engaged in BDSM before? (She's thought about it a lot.) So what if she'd never even been spanked? (She's read tons of books.) This was the Castle, after all, and it promised to change everything. Unfortunately, her first scenario is a catastrophe and sends her from the room in tears, only to be sent to Master Marshall's office - like a bad girl sent before the principal.

Marshall Leaf, founding partner of The Castle, has seen a lot in the three years since the resort opened, but Ms. Kaylee Waters pretty much takes the prize. As far as he can determine, the only truthful thing on her application is her name, and he's not even completely sure about that. She lied so heinously about her past experiences (which are exactly zilch) that what he should do is refund her money and put her on a fast bus home. Instead, for reasons he can't quite understand, he gives her the first spanking of her life, and then sends her back out into the resort. He doesn't give a damn whether she wanted the spanking or not: it was exactly what she needed.

Kaylee should be ecstatic. She's already gotten a spanking, and The Castle is perfect: everything she's dreamed of - and more. She can be anything she wants: sassy maid, naughty schoolgirl, bad "baby" in the nursery, captured princess in the dungeon. But, even though the ice has been broken, why isn't she still fitting in anywhere? Why does everything just feel wrong? Why does she break the rules again and again, and find herself right back in Master Marshall's office?

Why indeed?

"Kaylee's Keeper" is the second book in Maren Smith's Masters of the Castle series. Set three years after "Holding Hannah: Masters of the Castle Book One," it is a stand-alone story. Kaylee's Keeper features explicit BDSM themes in a romance setting, including spanking, anal play, mouth-washing, schoolroom play, and lots more. If these themes offend you, don't buy this book.

Maren Smith

Kaylee's Keeper: Masters of the Castle Book 2

Published by: Blushing Press

© 2013 by Blushing Books and Maren Smith
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Spanking. Be careful what you wish for.

Number of Chapters: 15 chapters / 74,000 words -




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A reader:

I was able to get the first of the series free from Amazon, and really enjoyed it, and looked forward to number 2. This was was even better! Kayley was afraid the doms would be too soft on her if she admitted she was a newby, so she lied on her admittance application, then got scared when the action was more intense than she could handle. She ends up with the Master of the Castle, Marshall, and he is HOT!, and makes Kayley\\\'s fantasy vacation all she could have hoped for. Absolutely loved this story and am hoping for more from the CASTLE.

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A reader:

I was looking forward to this story because I love Maren Smith. Her Masters of the Castle series is much edgier than I\\\'m used to but I still enjoyed it. However, I only gave this book 3 stars because I felt that it moved very quickly from the hello\\\'s to I\\\'m in love with you\\\'s (on Kaylee\\\'s part). It also seemed like Master Marshall wasn\\\'t a very nice or likeable guy. Yes he was super alpha and in charge and all that, but he gave off a mean vibe to me. He never seemed to show any caring IMHO. Nevertheless, I did enjoy the book, more then the previous Helping Hannah. And I look forward to the next book with Jackson.

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A reader:

I nearly didn\\\'t buy this book because the first book wasn\\\'t really my thing - way to intense and too much voyerism - however I was drawn in to Kaylee\\\'s Keeper from reading the sample chapter given here. I loved the first two thirds of the book and then again it got too BDSM \\\'y (is that a word?) Very well written as always and I\\\'m sure all lot of people will absolutley love it, just a step too far for me.

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A reader:

This extra long book is so well written I didn\\\'t want it to end. (Thank God there are more books in the series to come). I loved all the different fantasy scenarios the guests could choose. Some of the BDSM scenarios were a little out of my comfort zone, but are tastefully written and definitely spark the imagination!

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