Patricia Green Journey's Valentine
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Deuce Journey and his wife Pilar are faced with some tough decisions. Pilar has been offered a new, demanding job with lots of travel, and yet she wants to start a family with Deuce and doesn't want to have to rely on an au pair to raise her children. She's torn and irritable for weeks over the difficult decision.

Deuce is patient with the wife he loves with all his heart, but even his patience is worn thin when she has an out-and-out tantrum. He wonders if maybe it isn't partly his fault, too, for not making her decision for her or putting a decisive end to her childish behavior sooner.

And then Pilar leaves him. Their first Valentine's Day together could be a very lonely affair if they don't find their way back to each other.

Patricia Green

Journey's Valentine

Published by: Blushing Press

©2013 by Blushing Books® and Patricia Green
7 Reviews

A Journey Family Special Edition

Number of Chapters: Five - Word Count: 22000




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A reader:

I didn\\\'t get a chance to read this before Valentine\\\'s Day, but it wouldn\\\'t have mattered- the Journey Series is hot any time. This book was a quickie, but it was packed full of spankings and sizzling sex scenes. Deuce knew just what Pilar needed, whether it was a good, hard loving or a good hard whipping. You can\\\'t go wrong with a Patricia Green book and Journey\\\'s Valentine is no exception.

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A reader:

I really enjoyed this one. It had a great plot and wonderful characters. It kept my attention throughout. I loved the gift of the candy hearts.

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A reader:

Pilar and Deuce make a great couple. It made me sad when they separated for a brief time but happy when they got back together. I wish they would have communicated better so as to avoid the separation. A true happy ending.

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A reader:

It\\\'s nice to see a new story about the Journey family, in this case, Pilar and Deuce. They continue with their DD relationship.

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