Lucy Wild Taken by the Duke
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A collection of four spanking and age play short stories in one volume. 

Desired by the Duke 

Two noble minds, one dark secret, a spanking she’ll never forget 

Lady Eleanor Risby is running for her life. Forced to leave the noble world behind, she's trying to hide from the men who killed her parents and are coming for her. She has one hope left but unfortunately it lies in the house of a man she vowed never to speak to again. 

The last thing the Duke of Ryedale needed was a reminder of the world he left behind long ago. But as the first ever steam train rolls into Whitby, it brings with it the woman he’s spent a lifetime trying to forget. 

Bound by a childhood vow, the Duke promises Eleanor she’ll be safe with him. But if she’s going to stay she’s going to have to accept his firm hand disciplining her on a regular basis. Now she must choose between risking her life or accepting being spanked by the Duke. 

Seduced by the Scoundrel 

An innocent debutante...
When Lady Caroline was sent to Kensington Academy by her parents, she fears her hard won reputation may be at stake if she does not find out the truth about her new tutor. 

A dominant Lord...
When Lord George Hudson sees Caroline he decides to keep her for himself but when she vanishes without trace, George vows to track her down and make her submit to some firm discipline over his knee to teach her never to leave his side ever again. 

Handed to my New Master

Taught a lesson she’ll never forget. 

Caught in the act of stealing a valuable ring, Ella May Sutherland is given a choice, either accept a gaol sentence or become governess to an out of control society gent. She chooses the latter, after all, how much trouble can one man cause? 

Anthony Mayhew vows to make her regret telling him what to do, trapping her in his house before revealing his penchant for a firm spanking, taking her over his knee to introduce her to a new world of discipline and submission until her only desire is to submit to her powerful new master. 


He stole her home, now she’s going to steal his heart. 

Isabella Reed spent a lifetime waiting for revenge on the man who evicted her family from their home. Hearing a rumour that the wicked Lord 

Crossway has decided to take a wife, she realised her chance had come. 

To carry out her plan, she must first enter his world of age play and spanking, a world where all the rules of decent society count for nothing at all. 

As Vanessa tumbles down the rabbit hole of desire, she begins to realise that things aren't as simple as she expected, not when gaining her revenge will mean giving up the dominant master who has come to mean everything to her. Now she must choose between the revenge she always wanted or the firm hand she always needed. 


Lucy Wild

Taken by the Duke

Published by: Blushing Press

© Copyright 2016 Lucy Wild
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Number of Chapters: Thirty-nine - Word Count: 63000


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