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Straightening her out by bending her over in this age play trilogy. 


When innocent Charlotte Wainscott meets the wicked Lord Rutherford, she finds him intimidating and appealing in equal measure. Having planned to join a convent when she reached womanhood, Charlotte instead finds herself torn between remaining chaste or submitting to her new Lord’s intoxicating mixture of seduction and spanking. 

Shocked by her visceral reaction to Lord Rutherford’s depraved lifestyle, Charlotte runs away to the convent, to beg forgiveness for her sins. Can she move on from the man she loved more than any other or will she give in to her desires, return to her Lord and embrace the submissive life of a little girl forever. 

Dark Desires 

Daphne Hardcastle didn’t know much about the rules of high society but even she knows that a man who spanks you the first time he meets you is a man to be avoided. But now he’s back and this time he won’t take no for an answer. 

The Earl of Conway is in trouble. If he can’t find a model for his latest painting, he’ll lose a lot more than just the commission. When spanking Daphne doesn’t persuade her to pose for him, he decides he’s going to have to find another way to make her submit, a way that quickly leads her into the life of a little. 

Now Daphne has vanished without a trace and the Earl is in a race against time to track her down before a rival artist uses her in his dark masterpiece, The Murder of the Muse. 

Contains dark romantic elements, age play, bondage, spanking and power exchange. 

Educating Eva 

The worst brats respond best to the severest spankings. 

Eva Belvoir’s parents have had enough of her tantrums. When their friend and private tutor, George Jenkins, offers to improve her behaviour, they accept his help gladly. 

Eva has no idea why she is travelling to Mr Jenkins house but she soon finds out. Stripped of her dignity and her clothing, she is made to wear a diaper, keep a pacifier in her mouth and submit her bottom to repeated spankings. But just as she begins to learn the lessons her tutor has to teach, he vanishes and now she must make a decision. Either go home and try and forget about the first man she has ever truly loved or risk her own life in order to save his. 

All three stories contain dark romance, spanking, age play, anal play and power exchange.

Lucy Wild


Published by: Wild Romance Books

© Copyright 2016 Lucy Wild
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Number of Chapters: Fifty-six - Word Count: 84000


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