Lucy Wild School for Littles
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An Age Play Trilogy


Rothsfield is out of control. 

When Lord Rothsfield receives an offer to turn his daughter from brat to respectable woman in just one week, he is certain the tutor will fail like all the others. But Edward Westall is no ordinary tutor. 

Once Laura is under the roof of her new guardian, the truth is revealed. He is going to mould her into the perfect little girl, introducing her to a world of spankings and diapers, pacifiers and breast milk, all carried out under his watchful gaze. 

The longer Laura stays, the more she realises her new tutor is starting to love her just as she learns to love the life of a little. All too soon her time with Westall is up and she must choose between going home to her family or remaining with her dominant master and becoming his permanent little plaything. 


 Finishing School like no other.

Annabelle Moncrieff has been enrolled at Coldwater Academy. Run by the cruel Lord Hawthorne, the school has unusual ways of teaching submission. Spankings, diapers, and pacifiers are just part of Hawthorne’s unique disciplinary methods and Annabelle is shocked to find out she must submit to them all. 

Her bottom reddened, her life changed, Annabelle is soon willing to do anything to please her master, even if it means becoming a little girl just for his pleasure. 

When the school is threatened from without, Annabelle is faced with a difficult decision. Either assist with closing the school and end the humiliating but scintillating delights she has learned to love, or join forces with her new master to save not just him but the one chance they have to reach their happy ever after. 

Naughty Little Secrets 

A man with no past, a woman with no future. When fate throws these two disparate souls together, the results are explosive. 

Selina Rutherford grew up thinking she was alone in the world. Unloved, unwanted, uncared for, just another orphan with no hope for the future. Stumbling accidentally on the reason her parents were killed, she vows one thing, track down the man responsible and make him pay for his crimes. 

George Lawson thought he’d left his criminal past behind him. Nobody at his school knows a thing about his past, all they know is that if you have a 

badly behaved daughter in need of an education, you send her to George. 

Selina finds herself trapped in a world of obsession and desire, spanking and submission. To solve the mystery of her past, she must do whatever it takes to remain in this very special school until the truth is revealed. What she doesn’t realise is that staying here means accepting a life of diapers, bedtime stories and over the knee discipline. 

All three stories contain age play, spanking, humiliation, power exchange and anal play. 


Lucy Wild

School for Littles

Published by: Wild Romance Books

© Copyright 2016 Lucy Wild
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Number of Chapters: Forty-three - Word Count: 62000


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