Lucy Wild A Little for the Duke
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Two Age Play stories in one bundle.


What happens when you fall for your worst enemy? 

A Duchess and her daughter watch in disgust as a starving orphan begs them for help. The orphan never forgot that they ignored him as a constable beat him to within an inch of his life, vowing that revenge would one day be his. A decade later, fate gave him that chance, bringing him face to face once more with Cecilia, daughter of the Duchess. 

Cecilia, now a beautiful young woman, only finds out the true identity of her new fiancé when it is too late to turn back from a wedding that might destroy both her and her family. 

Marcus has taken his time, using his firm hand and dominating presence to gradually break Cecilia down. All that’s left to do to complete his revenge is to turn her into a helpless little girl. 

He’s planned everything down to the finest detail, nothing can possibly go wrong, or so he thinks. For as he helps her climb into a diaper and prepares her for yet another spanking, he realises there was one thing he did not plan for, falling in love with his little Cecilia. 

Captured contains age play, spanking, humiliation, power exchange and anal play. 

The Duke and His Little 

A broken daughter...
When Lady Christine Bouchier’s parents died, she thought their cruel ways had died with them. But when she attends the reading of their will, she discovers they have one final blow to strike. To gain her inheritance, she must fulfil her childhood promise and marry the depraved Duke of Malton. 

A damaged Lord...
James Thaw, Duke of Malton, does not remember or care for the childhood pledge he made. Having no intention of settling down with a wife, he sets about pushing Christine away with his open hand and sharp tongue. But as his new little seems happy to submit to all of his demands, he realises if he is to regain his freedom, he must force this innocent girl deeper into the depths of depravity than he’s ever dared before. 

At first, Christine only puts up with her master’s wicked behaviour in order to gain her inheritance, surviving the diapers, the shaving, and the breast milk despite her shame. But just as she is beginning to fall for him, he takes a spanking too far and she is forced to make a decision. Will she leave her new master and forfeit her fortune or risk her life to make him see that it is not pushing her away that will mend his broken heart but letting in a little love. 

The Duke and His Little contains age play, spanking, humiliation and power exchange.

Lucy Wild

A Little for the Duke

Published by: Wild Romance Books

© Copyright 2016 Lucy Wild
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Number of Chapters: 51 - Word Count: 63000


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