Breanna Hayse Spyder's Web: Darkness Series Book One


If you are a reader who doesn't enjoy dark romance, hot sex, poetic justice or happy endings, please don't read this book. It contains strong elements of erotica, sexual sadism, spanking, violence and a woman who is not afraid to kick-butt as she faces her worst nightmares to save the man she loves.

In a post-apocalyptic world run by a government bent on mastering what remains of the human race, one woman is equally determined to find freedom and happiness. SelinaPauline Ryder (AKA Spyder), a Lair trained dominatrix/whip mistress and noted war criminal, escapes the sadistic cruelty of a man who purchased her as a toy for torture. After an unfortunate accident occurs to her master, Spyder flees to the neutral country of Scotland to begin a new life for herself. The war-ravaged countryside is home to gangs of renegades and escaped felons and Spyder finds herself being rescued by the infamous (and incredibly handsome) German war criminal himself known as Viktor-The Bull.

Hiding in an old deserted church, the couple discover a common past which binds them together as Spyder tries to nurse Viktor back to health following a severe injury. Desperate to save his life, she accepts the offer to work with the illegal and corrupt Carnivale Diabhail in exchange for his care. Her plan was simple: pay off the debt and depart the sordid festival of corruption after Viktor healed. Little did she realize that once someone joined the carnival, they never left alive.
Spyder thought she'd seen the worst of humanity. The terrors of war, prison, the knives used by her deceased master -- all these faded in the face of Tobias, the Devil incarnate, and his malevolent underlings. She also finds power in both lust and love as she focuses on saving both herself and The Bull from the clutches of evil.

Cruelty, saturated in unchecked power and insanity, knows no bounds. In a place where right and wrong begin to cloud, Spyderspins a web of manipulation. It's a dangerous game she plays, but also her only hope of survival. Can she partake of evil to survive and still retain herself?

This is a stand alone book waiting to be savored with dark characters and darker deeds.

Are you ready to be pulled intoSpyder's Web and experience the Carnivale for yourself?


Breanna Hayse

Spyder's Web: Darkness Series Book One

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Can she partake of evil to survive and still retain herself?



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