Maggie Carpenter The Strict British Barrister: Act One
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"When Bratty Brittany comes out to play, it's her bottom that's going to pay."

Duncan Rhys-Davies is an eminent British barrister, but he has a secret life outside his office, and another, completely covert vocation.

Duncan is a lifestyle Dominant, and an author of BDSM romance novels under the alias, A.S. Cane.

Though he writes his books late at night, he finishes them by taking long ocean voyages away from the hustle and bustle of his everyday life.

He has had a few shipboard escapades, but when he meets Brittany Carter, a spoiled, southern belle, he finds himself caught up in a whirlwind romance. His heart becomes captive to the mischievous young woman, and he struggles to make sense of the sudden and intense attraction.

Brittany finds the confident, handsome British gentleman mysterious and irresistible, and constantly fantasizes about him. Though outwardly reserved she has a wicked side, and quickly discovers Duncan has his own, unique way of dealing with a difficult diva.

Cruise the Pacific with these compelling characters as they both find themselves surrendering. Bratty Brittany to the strict British barrister who makes her behave, and Duncan Rhys-Davies, whose heart refuses to be denied.

Maggie Carpenter

The Strict British Barrister: Act One

Published by: Dark Secrets Press

Copyright © 2014 Maggie Carpenter
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Number of Chapters: Thirty - Word Count: 51449


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