Rollin Hand The Menace from Mongo
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The Menace from Mongo is a 20,000+ word novelette structured like the Flash Gordon serials of old, but with a steamy sex and spanking subtext. In this serial Mongo is a savage planet on which the lash, the strap and the paddle are in frequent use on misbehaving or captured females, of which there are many. It is a spanking enthusiast's version of an old style space opera written as a straight ahead adventure tale. In this story are three stalwarts from Earth trying to save the planet from domination by Ming the Merciless. But Ming rules with an iron fist and a stinging whip.

We first meet Princess Aura, who experiences discipline at Flash's hand, only to become smitten by the Earth man and thereby incur her father's wrath. There are the Lion men, sworn enemies of Ming. There are the Amazons, a race of warrior women who live under a code of corporal punishment and spanking discipline from which even outsiders are not immune. Outside Amazonia is the Sky City ruled by King Vultan, a ruler fond of punishing his female slaves with the three tailed strap. There is Arborea, a refuge from Ming, and hideout of Prince Barin, Mongo's rightful ruler where Flash and Barin plan the ultimate overthrow of Ming. But even in Arborea, custom dictates the use of the switch for disobedient girls who ignore rules.

Will Flash's plan succeed? Will Dale be rescued from Ming's evil clutches? Find out. Strap in and come along for the ride. Join Flash, Dale and Dr. Zarkov as they careen from one perilous and sexy adventure to the next, all in a desperate attempt to save the Earth.

Rollin Hand

The Menace from Mongo

Published by: DT Publications

Copyright by Rollin Hand, 2011. All rights reserved.
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Number of Chapters: Seventeen - Word Count: 20900


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