Carolyn Faulkner The Sister and the Sinner: A Dark Western Romance
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J.D. Holt wasn’t at all what he seemed when he tackled Sister Mary Francis in the vegetable garden of her ramshackle convent near Deadwood in the Dakota Territories. But he needed a safe place to hide and recover and a convent seemed better than most.

Especially if all of the other sisters looked like this one.

Sister Mary Francis was sure he was an outlaw, a claim jumper or both, especially since he seemed to be all too ready to use that business end of that knife to get what he wanted, and the flat of his hand on her bottom if that was quicker. And when things blossomed between them, despite her reservations and his secretiveness, his wasn’t the only blood that was going to be spilled.

Carolyn Faulkner

The Sister and the Sinner: A Dark Western Romance

Published by: Blushing Press

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Number of Chapters: Eight - Word Count: 27900




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J. D. Holt has been shot and is needing an out of the way place to heal, and the convent outside of Deadwood is quiet and should be a safe hideaway. Tackling Sister Mary Francis, holding a knife to her throat and forcing her inside to tend to his wounds leaves her fearing for her life, but more than that, her fear for Reverend Mother Agnes.

J.D. takes control, leaving Mary Francis to believe he is an outlaw. He punishes her harshly for her disobedience, not listening and following his instructions. Mary Francis has been raised by Sister Agnes and is naïve and innocent in the ways of the world.

Two people, brought together under unique circumstances, each keeping secrets, omitting truthful facts, and giving into the sin of the flesh leaves them with guilt and sorrow. J. D. will leave to complete the job that landed him at the convent, but the fiery redheaded sister will remain in his heart and mind. Confessions can be good for the soul, and sometimes it comes with contrition and penitence. Can J. D. return to the convent at Deadwood and convince Mary Francis to forsake her life as a nun? What will he discover when he returns about the Mary Frances?

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Joanie M

This one is special

This short book was excellently written with two very well developed characters, JD and Katie. The plot was emotional and touching as it revolved around the interaction between these two characters and the inner conflict that each suffered. Another layer of emotion is added by the reverend mother who Katie is caring for. The erotic scenes are extremely sensual and special. There are numerous discipline scenes, each unique, but all a joy to read. I give this book my highest recommendation.

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sister and the sinner

Sister and the sinner by Carolyn Faulkner
The story set outside of Dedwood in 1882.
A cute story of a young novice (Mary Frances) and a outlaw. JD Holt was wounded when he came to the Sisters of Mercy Convent . Mary Francis and Mother Agnes were the only ones left. The mother Agnes was near death. JD Holt is a strict man who believes in discipline to enforce obedience. This story has mystery, and discipline. Mary falls in love with the outlaw and her religion and beliefs come into question and confuses her but she falls In love with Holt. He tells her he is a pinkerton man and very rich. After he leaves and goes home and finds he cant live with out her he comes back to get her and bring her home. She is treated like a queen. Especially when he finds out she carries his child. This story is cute, and sad In places , it has a good plot and story line. I voluntarily reviewed this advanced copy of this book and found it to be very interesting. Carolyn Faulkner rarely disappoints.

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A reader:

A very different story from a very talented author!!

I absolutely loved this story. I love this author and have read most of her books which are all brilliant. This one is different from the normal as it only has domestic discipline without BDSM. It is a very sweet romance story, with some harsh disciplinary spankings and lots of love. The characters are very well described and full of flaws. The story line involved with interesting twists. A very easy to read story. I read an ARC copy of this book. I highly recommend it.

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