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JoEllen Bynum enjoys working at SmarteePantz, a bustling tavern in a small Arkansas town. The single mother’s only dissatisfaction with her employment is the very presence of the arrogant former baseball player Jerrold Warren. His manner of speaking, his self-confidence and his very existence grates upon her like fingernails on a chalkboard.

When the tavern owner retires and sells the business to her nemesis, JoEllen is beside herself with frustration. Even though she is promoted, she chafes at what she perceives to be her lack of input on operating the tavern.

The last straw is when Jerrold meets with her to tell her that SmarteePantz is joining the group of establishments that offer whacks of a paddle when certain drinks are ordered, or just for fun at a patron’s request. Once again, she is exasperated that she was not consulted about a change in operations. JoEllen loses her composure and leaves a handprint on Jerrold’s cheek. Seconds later, she finds herself bent across the back of a chair having an outline of the Official SmarteePantz Paddle printed across her shapely bottom.

In denial at first, JoEllen finds herself mystified by her reaction to the several stinging applications of the paddle. Something about the incident breaks the ice between them, and their relationship will never be the same again.

Publishers Note: This story describes the spanking and paddling of adult women, as well as sexual scenes. If such content offends you, please do not purchase this story.

Lynn Forest


Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Lynn Forest
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Number of Chapters: Seven - Word Count: 31300




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I enjoyed this story and the characters, along with their interactions. SmarteePantz is a small town local tavern in Arkansas. The aging owner decides to sell, and the new owner is none other than Jerrold Warren. JoEllen Bynum has worked at SmarteePantz, and she and Jerrold had clashes when it came to business decisions in the past, she always feels he is arrogant and doesn’t take her suggestions seriously. Now what will happen with him as the owner, and how will their work relationship survive?

Jerrold has some bold ideas that JoEllen is shocked to hear and doesn’t think it will work, but she quickly learns she is wrong. Their office conversation and her going off and slapping him in the face brings about a paddling and surprise feelings for both of them. “I found your reaction to it all to be mysterious, enchanting, and provocative.”

The plot has two people learning more about themselves as well as each other. JoEllen is cautious when it comes to men, especially with her past issues. A one-night stand during spring break made her a mother, without any way to inform the father. She is a great mother but has no personal life. Jerrold admires JoEllen, and slowly they start a friendship that eventually leads to more, including spanking, romance, and a future together. “Each day that went on she was finding that part of what she was finding, so arousing was the element of surrendering control of her body to someone else.”

The story is fun with the introduction of the paddling for certain drinks ordered at SmarteePantz and the two relationships that develop. There are many spankings, and the sex scenes are mild and not overly explicit. The story is more the relationships that develop.

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discovering love

I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. JoEllen works in a tavern. A tavern where her boss Jerrold has instigated a policy where patrons are swatted with a frat paddle when they choose certain drinks. Before the policy even comes into effect, JoEllen comes into contact with the business end of the paddle. This is a sweet romance that introduces them both to the pain/pleasure of a spanking relationship.

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A reader:

Pleasant story

This is a charming story of the gentle romance between JoEllen Bynum and Jerrold Warren who meet while both are working at the SmarteePantz Tavern. The owner retires and Jerrold buys the business, eager to increase the Tavern's profits by widening the customer base and making the Tavern the most popular local venue. Jerrold is full of new ideas, most of which JoEllen is opposed to although since he's the boss, he gets his own way. His latest scheme is to introduce two new drinks and have waiting staff offer to lightly paddle customers when they order these drinks. Jerrold demonstrates on JoEllen and this changes the dynamic between them. Romance develops with lots of fun spanking as foreplay. All this rather stretches the reader's credibility but the author just about gets away with it by making it all innocent good fun with lots of giggles and laughter. There is an added interest with a sub-plot romance between Loren and Linda, two of JoEllen's friends.
I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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A reader:

Bottoms up

What a fun premise to new romance novel. Loved it.

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