Lexie Clark Taming Clarissa
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Clarissa Alexander has fought all her life to break out of the mold her parents set for her. She wants to be the mistress of her own life, doing what, and who she wants. She’d rather show off her new tats, and find a good one-night stand than marry the boring man her parents picked out for her.

But then she meets Maddox Perry, casino owner and gorgeous Dom. At first she thinks playing with Maddox will provide a few days of fun. But when she begins to enjoy his ropes and toys she finds out that sometimes giving up control can bring about a great amount of pleasure.

Does Clarissa finally get to live her life her way? Is Maddox strong enough to be the man for her?

Publisher's note:  This book contains elements of BDSM, spanking of adult women and sexual scenes.  If any of these themes bother you, please do not purchase this book.

Lexie Clark

Taming Clarissa

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Lexie Clark
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Number of Chapters: Fourteen - Word Count: 55800




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Sweet Story

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This review is from: Taming Clarissa: A BBW Romance (Kindle Edition)
Clarissa Alexander is the youngest of three daughters.Her parents will do anything to see her marry as soon as possible to stop her humiliating escapades.
Clarissa has always been in control until she meets Maddox Perry.Maddox owns a casino and is a DOM,he is attracted to Clarissa but she has trouble letting go and giving Maddox control.Clarissa is wild and loves shocking her parents.She is intrigued by Maddox offer and agrees to train as his submissive.Marissa has difficulties following orders and Maddox comes up with interesting punishments.
Clarissa was no pushover and it was interesting to read her journey into submission.She remained strong willed and sassy.Clarissa could not understand why her parents pushed her so hard to marry until she found out her father had been stealing from her trust fund.
This story has graphic sex scenes but little punishments.This was a story with many twist and turns.The dialogue was witty and I laughed at Clarissa.She was funny and delightful.
I voluntarily reviewed an Advanced Readers Copy of this story

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taming Clarissa

Taming Clarissa by Lexie Clark
This is a story about Clarissa’s journey into Master and submissive relationship. Clarissa is alittle spoiled and alittle wild. Her parents are trying to marry her off but she runs to Las vegas to be with Maddox (her master) this book tells about her journey to being a submissive but it also has a mystery and some laughter and some sadness. Clarissa’s parents are always trying to tell her what to do even though she is nearing 30. She finds out why in the end of the book. This normally isn’t my type of book but I found myself being caught up in Clarrissa’s mystery and the way Maddox was training her to be his submissive. They end up falling in love. I voluntarily reviewed this advanced Reader copy of this book and found I enjoyed it very much and had trouble putting it down. It is alittle darker than I normally like but I still enjoyed it.

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Hope W

What a wonderful journey...

I enjoyed reading about Clarissa and Maddox. Clarissa is nearing 30 and trying to break away from her parents expectations. She is spoiled, wild, and she knows how to manipulate men. However, when she meets Maddox this changes. He is a Dom and will not be manipulated or told what to do. This intrigues Clarissa but also frustrates her beyond words. She follows Maddox to his casino in Las Vegas, where she begins her journey into a Master/submissive relationship. She has a lot to learn but they both seem to be on a journey together growing and understanding what is important to them both as individuals as well as a couple. Will Clarissa's family and the man her father wants her to marry interfere in their happiness or will they only help them to grow closer.
I enjoyed this wonderful book and recommend taking this journey with Maddox and Clarissa. Enjoy a great storyline with the family ups and downs along with some mystery, hot sex, spankings, and love. Enjoy! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

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A reader:


Due to Clarissa, it took me a while to fully appreciate this story. I initially found her spoilt and unlikeable, which I think is partially the point. However, I grew to really enjoy the story and the relationship between Clarissa and Maddox. I found the characters unusual and original.

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