Alta Hensley & Allison West The Nanny
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The taboo
The secret
The discipline
The Nanny... finally, her story.

When street urchin Georgiana Hayes meets a mysterious gentleman who offers her a warm meal and a chance to get warm again, she cannot resist.

The man who has rescued her from the cold is, in fact, Mr. Philip Hartley; headmaster of the Ashby Chateau - a finishing school, and a place where young ladies can learn to submit and rediscover their inner 'little' selves. He is looking for a new nanny, and is quick to offer the position to Georgiana.

Georgiana accepts gratefully, and she instantly becomes The Nanny.

Unfortunately, she soon realizes that she is not really cut out for the role of disciplinarian. If anything, she finds herself beginning to envy the girls under her care, and wishes that she, too, could experience what it would be like to be little; to be cherished, cared for, and loved.

Theodore Elliott, a well-established businessman, is seeking a wife, and has craved the special love and affection of a 'little' for as long as he can remember. The moment he sets eyes on Nanny Giana, he knows without a doubt that she is the one he has been searching for. No other little at the school can compare to the dark-haired beauty.

Can Theo convince the headmaster to allow Giana to resign from her position as governess and enroll in the Ashby Chateau as a little? More importantly, is Giana willing to take that step for a man she barely knows... but is intrigued by? Can she surrender herself physically, emotionally and sexually in order to become what Theo desires above all else: his little Gia?

From the authors of the best-selling 'Enrolling Little Etta', this next book in the Ashby Chateau series also contains elements of age-play, anal play, spanking, and graphic sex. While 'The Nanny' does feature some characters and settings from the first book, it should be noted that it can be read as a standalone.

Alta Hensley & Allison West

The Nanny

Published by: Blushing Press

©2016 by Blushing Books® and Alta Hensley & Allison West
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Number of Chapters: Eighteen - Word Count: 57684



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A reader:

This is the second book in the “Officer and the Brat” series and continues the story of Laurie and Alex. Laurie is a girl who has had a really rough family life&semi& Alex is a law enforcement officer who is living with her and helping her to forget the past as he introduces her to the possibilities of a wonderful future with him and his loving extended family. The story has a lot of emotional moments as Laurie gradually comes to understand the difference between Alex and his family, and the family she had grown up with&semi& and there is a lot of sex and spankings as their relationship develops.

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A reader:

This is the second story in the series about Ashby Chateau. We learned about the school in Enrolling Little Etta. Phillip finds Georgiana on the street. She was thrown out of her parents home because of a misunderstanding. He offers her a job as a Nanny. Giant tries, but it\'s not a good fit. Then she meets Theodore Elliot who wants a little of his own. He offers her a life as his little and she accepts. The rest of the story is about how she comes to accept her new life. I give this 4 stars.&newline&

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A reader:

The two authors, Alta Hensley and Allison West make a wonderful team. This is their second book in this Age Play series. After being thrown out of the house by her parents after being framed by her ex she is found by the owner of the Ashby Chateau a school for training littles and she is hired as a nanny but even though she tries hard to be a good nanny she is really a submissive young lady who would like to be a little. She mets Theo and the story delves into their relationship. This was a sweet, delightful story with all the elements of age play but not harsh or severe as some books can be. This was a lovely read.

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A reader:

Oh my, I loved this book! An AP love story that is not as harsh as some AP can be. I found myself cheering on Gia and Theo through their journey to love. They were perfect for each other! Don\'t miss this one!

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