Breanna Hayse Dr. Daddy Dom: Little Lake Bridgeport, Book Two
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Be prepared to laugh... Number 1 best-selling author and BDSM and age-play lifestyler Breanna Hayse is at it again with a new, exciting and hysterical adventure of Little May and the Marshall boys, brothers Layton and Caine. It's been one year since the trio became a family, and each member of the household is still finding his - and her - unique place in this unusual marriage.

Dr. Caine Marshall is exhausted; there just isn't enough of him to go around nowadays. To top it off, an old friend, Ian Channing, arrives on the scene and asks for help. Not only is Ian's marriage failing, but his wife's father is causing problems... not content with keeping Savannah's inheritance tied up, the man keeps trying to terrorize her, driving her to take refuge ever deeper into the bottle.

Desperate to try anything to get away from his father-in-law, help cure his wife of her alcoholism, and rekindle their relationship, Ian agrees with Caine's suggestion to take up residence with his wife, Savannah, at the unique community of Little Lake Bridgeport. It is here where the Marshalls and some new friends introduce the couple to the age-play dynamic and teach Ian the art of domestic and anal discipline, whereas Savannah discovers the joys of being a Little and the freedom which can be found in submission.

Caine is now torn between the responsibilities of work, helping the couple, and satisfying his Little May's ever present demands for attention - and her Big girl's never satisfied hunger for pleasure. To top it all off, his usually serious attorney brother suddenly switches roles; from 'Counselor Cranky Pants' to May's playful companion. Layton has taken to pulling pranks and joining up with May to cause mischief and, with that, more laughter and trouble than poor Caine is prepared for.

May, of course, is up to her usual business. She brings Ian and Savannah into her world of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Legos and, with the help of Owie Bear, teaches Savannah that being an adult doesn't have to mean emotional pain all the time. Discovering that they share a similar history of parental abuse and neglect, the girls form a close bond, and learn that there are more valuable things in life to enjoy than either could ever have hoped for - starting with friendship; with just a tad of fun-filled naughtiness. Just when Ian and Savannah think that they've overcome their issues, however, a tragic secret catches up with them - one which affects not only them, but also May; threatening to shatter her world...

Be prepared for several surprises, a ton of laughter, lots of bare bottom spankings, and some of the steamiest scenes ever written in the history of the medical and age-play genres as you join the continuing unique and erotic adventure of those who live and love in Little Lake Bridgeport, by the queen of erotica who brought contemporary age-play genre to life; Breanna Hayse.

Breanna Hayse

Dr. Daddy Dom: Little Lake Bridgeport, Book Two

Published by: Twisted Hearts, LLC

©2016 by Twisted Hearts, LLC
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A reader:

I am so happy there is second book in this series. It was nice to revisit familiar characters while meeting Ian and Savannah. Loved the plot twist!!

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A reader:

This is the 2nd book in this series but I would recommend reading the 1st book as it will give a much better background to the story. A year after May, Caine & Layton got married they are still working on their relationship and balancing their life together; it was great to read this catch-up on them.

In this book we are also introduced to Ian, an old friend of Layton. Ian handed his wife divorce papers as she no longer seemed to have any interest in their marriage and she was spiralling out of control with her drinking, but Savannah reacted unexpectantly; she left the house upset and got into an accident. Ian begins to wonder if their marriage could be saved and Caine takes a risk and explains about their relationship with May; as Savannah is incapacitated, Ian uses this as an opportunity to take control and soon begin an age-play relationship as a last ditch attempt to try and recue not only their relationship but Savannah herself.

May and Savannah have similar abusive backgrounds and as Savannah began to heal physically, they were able to support and help each other with their experiences and their future outlook.

I loved all the main characters and would recommend this book.

I received this as an ARC for an honest review.

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A reader:

This is the second book involving the relationship between Maybelle otherwise known as May and her two guardian/husbands Caine and Layton who are actually two different kinds of Doms. Caine is a Daddy Dom and a doctor who brings out the Little in May\'s persona. He is able to use his nurturing and dominant skills to the fore. Layton is a more structured Dom. Both husbands care for and discipline their Little in numerous ways especially when another Little (Savannah) is introduced into the mix with the addition of her husband (Ian), a Dom in-the-making. Many infectious scenarios are played out and even a suspenseful baddy in the guise of Savannah\'s Father. A good read as always from Breanna Hayse...always look forward to her books.

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A reader:

I\'ve been waiting for the next book with this trio and Dr. Daddy Dom did not disappoint! It was great to catch up with them after they settled down and see what plans had come to fruition from book one. May is still an adorably spunky girl who has found two excellent complimentary partners in Caine and Layton. I love how the author was able to show so many facets of the characters. The masochistic side of May and the little side of May were perfectly balanced and let me tell you, the scenes were hot!! The new characters, Savannah and Ian are having some relationship as well as medical issues but the trio swoops in to help smooth things over and teach them a few things along the way. I hope to hear more (soon?) about the other people that live in the Lake Bridgeport community. A must read (over and over)!!

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