Sophie Kisker A Captive of Fear & Desire
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A captive woman and the man who must break her - it's all a deception. A deception that could cost them much more than just their lives.

Dan Westbury knows that a good Dom has a great responsibility for the care of his submissives. But for this undercover agent there is nothing in his current assignment that is "safe, sane, & consensual". As the women kneeling before him look up with terrified eyes, he wonders if they'll ever be able to forgive him for what he's had to do, or if his actions will haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Laura Hurst is a childhood friend and the only light in his tortured existence. She longs for a relationship with Dan, but when he offers none, she contents herself with fantasies of strong men who take control. Little does she know that her worst fantasies are about to become reality, and include a cell, harsh punishments, and an auction where she is sold to the highest bidder.

Because when a dangerous rival tries to distract Dan, his secret comes crashing into Laura's life. Now Laura and Dan must keep his secret together and play their parts, knowing that revealing the truth before the end of this deception would have terrible consequences for them all. And as they move deeper into their roles, they experience a growing attraction to each other that forces them to confront their own dark desires and blurs the line between consent and coercion.

This book is a romance, but sometimes the path to happily ever after can lead to dark places along the way. Please don't buy it if you are turned off by reluctant D/s, corporal punishments, anal sex, or permanent markings. However, if those things fascinate you, this is a book to satisfy that secret place in your mind where the shadows linger no matter how bright the lights.

Sophie Kisker

A Captive of Fear & Desire

Published by: Blushing Press

©2016 by Blushing Books® and Sophie Kisker
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Number of Chapters: Thirty-six - Word Count: 79336




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A reader:

I have not read anything by this author before but it will certainly not be my last. This is not a wine and roses romance but a true romance anyway. I am not going to summarize the plot or give any spoilers but this a book with true length, suspense, danger, adventure, and a ton of steam. Read the publisher\'s synopsis, buy, and hang on for a heart thumping ride. You really don\'t want to miss this one.

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A reader:

This book is along the lines of the dark books by Caroline Faulkner. Dan and Laura are good friends, but Laura doesn\'t know exactly who Dan is. Dan is actually an undercover cop for the FBI who is trying to break up a sex slave ring. Laura is kidnapped by one of the other men in the ring and is brought in as a sex slave to be trained and sold. The others know that Dan and Laura are friends, so Dan has to treat her as if she is nothing to him. He is extremely strict and even vicious with her. The punishments are very harsh and I was in tears many times. I found this a hard book to read, but I also was very intrigued by it. In the end, I\'m glad I read it. I look forward to more books by this author. I give this book 4 stars.&newline&

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A reader:

This story is written well, and is centered around Dan, an undercover FBI agent and his friend, Laura, who was later kidnapped and thrust into his undercover \\'assignment\\' at a training farm involved in trafficking women by Marco, one of the \\'bad guys\\'. It contains elements of non consensual BDSM and rape, hence its not for the faint of heart. However, the experiences while especially challenging for both of the story\\'s protagonists, had also helped them discover themselves and to acknowledge their love and attraction for each other.
There\\'s character death involved. However, overall a very good read.

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A reader:

A dark side of submission and consent love story. Police Detective Dan Westbury is in deep undercover to solve and break up a slave trading ring kidnapping woman off the streets. He\'s a Dom and his talents lend himself to this investigative role perfectly. His long-time girlfriend Laura has been kidnapped by one of the sadistic \'Masters\' and is put through the same training and sometimes painful humiliations in order to sell the girls as sex slaves in a private auction to the highest bidder-never to be seen in public again. Dan\'s role to infiltrate and apprehend over-shadows his Dom persona in training Laura as he tries to protect her yet do his job and capture the unknown Boss. Some parts of the book are disturbing but deeply erotic...good read!

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