Breanna Hayse Chastity's Belt
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Every little girl dreams of Wonderland; the fluffy white bunny, the grinning Cheshire Cat and the playful tea parties - and, of course, a stern, loving Daddy to share her dreams with.

Chastity Lyster is numb. She can't feel anything; no pleasure, no pain, and especially not love. She's tried everything she can think of to fix it... shrinks, service Doms, talking to her best friend Lara - but nothing has worked. While she understands the reasons behind her complete disassociation, she has no idea how to stop it.

When Lara suggests that she asks her friend since childhood, Dr. Zachary Rebianco, for help, Chastity is sceptical but figures she has nothing to lose. She knows he's a qualified psychiatrist and a service Dom himself, but what she doesn't anticipate are his dark good looks, adorable sense of humor and, most intriguing of all, his ability to shine a light into parts of her she was always too afraid to explore by herself.

With the help of her favourite childhood story, Alice in Wonderland; an antique leather Border belt; and a fluffy white rabbit, Zac takes Chastity through the Looking Glass into a new world; one of Daddy Doms and babygirls, one where she can be herself and act out... so long as she's willing to accept the consequences on her bottom. Here, in her own private Wonderland, she at last is able to feel: desire, pleasure, pain, safety, happiness and, eventually, love.

This story contains anal scenes as well as loving ageplay and spanking. If you are offended by such material, please do not purchase this book.

Breanna Hayse

Chastity's Belt

Published by: Twisted Hearts, LLC

©2015 by Blushing Books® and Breanna Hayse
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A reader:

Wow! There is just something really special about Chastity’s Belt! I really liked this heartwarming story! There are some stories that keep you on the edge of your seat with their action and others where you need some alone time with your bed with how hot and sexy the book is but this story was different. Chastity’s Belt was a story that just made you feel good. It made you happy and warm inside, it’s a feel good book that really makes you feel for every character involved and Chastity is so well done. She is just like a real person with real life issues and I really feel for Chastity. The author did a fantastic job with this book and really describing how it is to be numb and not know how to get out of it and just needing that extra something… Sometimes all you need is a Daddy. This was a wonderful AP story with lots of love to go around! I know I will be reading this book over and over again!

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A reader:

This was an interesting story this is a book about Chastity. She is numb emotionally and is unable to feel. Because of this she searches out BDSM relationships to help her feel. They aren't helping her at all so her friend Lara suggests she see her friend Dr Zachary Rebianco. He is a psychiatrist and a Service and Daddy Dom.&newline&There is ageplay in this and the ageplay help Chastity learn to be one with her emotions again. I loved this book and I highly recommend it. I give it 5 stars.&newline&

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A reader:

I loved this story. It is sweet and very loving. Well written with complete human characters as expected from this author. It a story that has stayed with me a long time after I read it. I liked that Zac needed Chastity as much as she needed him. It balanced out nicely.

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A reader:

I love reading Breanna Hayse story, so when I had chance to read Chastity belt, I could not resisted. I feel like I now Chassie, How one thing or multiple things make you believe something that is not true, how it had damage chastity heart, and how to feel. But along comes a white king to save her, or help her go down the rabbit hole and have her own wonderland. The age play dynamic is wonderfully done..&newline&I enjoyed this story so much I cried for chastity though the sad times and her happy time\'s. It been a hour since I finished the story and I still very emotional and want to cry.. not sure 7 it because I can totally relate to how chastity became numb, but I would highly recommend you site down with a cup tea, with your cozy blanket and enjoy. Don\'t forget to have a few kleenex hand, just in case. And cross your fingers that Breanna will make a squeal.. please.&newline&I received this wonderful for a honest review...&newline&

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