Zoe Blake The Duke's Possession
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Charlotte thought marrying a Duke meant expensive gowns, champagne and elegant balls. Her new husband had other ideas. Marriage to Lord Asherton, the Duke of Cumberland, will mean childish dresses, bottles of warm milk and an early bedtime in a nursery.

When Lady Charlotte's parents approached Lord Asherton about an arranged marriage with their spoiled, headstrong daughter, he readily agreed. The willful beauty is his perfect match. He looked forward to taming her temper tantrums with over- the-knee spankings and turning her spirited rebellion into a spirited response to his touch. Any defiance will be met with strict discipline at his hand.

Lady Charlotte's world is about to change. Will she accept the pleasure he offers only through pain and submission, or will she continue to fight her body's unwanted reaction to him, denying them both?

Warning: Age and medical play, anal play, domestic discipline.

Zoe Blake

The Duke's Possession

Published by: Blushing Press

©2015 by Blushing Books® and Zoe Blake
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A reader:

Of all five stories, this is the mildest. Asher is a more gentle Dom than we have found before. Charlotte has become a tyrant. She ignores the wishes of her parents and the expectations of the ton. She does what she wants regardless of the consequences. In order to get out from under her damaging behavior, Charlotte’s parents offer her hand in marriage to a man they know is a strong, dominant male. Asher is attracted to Charlotte and agrees to marry her on his terms. She becomes his wife in name only. She is his “little” one. Charlotte rebels a little, but finds this lifestyle really suits her. Together, they become a happily married Papa and “little”.

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A reader:

Zoe Blake weaves an age play story that is erotic and romantic at the same time. It was a nice change from the usual age play books that just focus on dominance

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A reader:

Another very good book from this author. Charlotte grew up devoid of parental love and rebellious outrageous behaviour became a habit. Her headstrong behaviour had come to Asher\'s attention and while he disapproved of this behaviour, he was also intrigued. Meanwhile Charlotte had also noticed him but steered clear as she knew she could not control him. Asher\'s mastery started before they married and he thwarted her rebellion at every turn. Charlotte (eventually) loved her regression and the clear evidence of loving care from Asher and her nanny but her temper took a bit longer to control. Well written and enjoyable.

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A reader:

Zoe Blake’s books are always entertaining and this one did not disappoint. If you enjoy age play then this book is a must read. Charlotte is such a brat that her parents can’t wait to marry her off. Asher is looking for a child bride with some sass and Charlotte certainly fits the bill. Charlotte is hoping for a husband that she can manipulate and control and she is in for a surprise after the wedding. Poor Charlotte seems to learn things the hard way. Many punishments but also love are in store for her. I would definitely recommend this book.

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