Constance Masters Valentine's Surprise: A Corbin's Bend Valentine Novella
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Erin and Zach have had a busy but happy year. The handsome elementary teacher is over the moon that his wife now has friends of her own to spend time with, but he's feeling the need to have her all to himself for a while. Valentine's Day is looming and an idea begins to seed. A surprise camping trip seems like just the way to reconnect.

Erin is beside herself when Zach lets her know that he has a sitter for the girls for the whole weekend. She can only imagine what he has planned. A hotel in the city maybe? A weekend cruise? Possibly even a trip to Vegas? She'd always wanted to go to Vegas. Even better than all that, what if they were going to a luxury ski lodge?

What will Erin make of the borrowed RV that is her big surprise? Will the surprise be the best she's ever gotten? Or will this particular white elephant gift go down as the worst Valentine's Day gift in the history of bad gifts?

Constance Masters

Valentine's Surprise: A Corbin's Bend Valentine Novella

Published by: Blushing Press

©2015 by Blushing Books® and Constance Masters
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Number of Chapters: Five - Word Count: 20900




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A reader:

Zach wants to surprise Erin with a surprise getaway for Valentine\'s Day. Her attitude needs an adjustment multiple times, and she does need to learn to keep her comments to herself. Zach\'s planned getaway has more surprises for both of them.

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