Angela Sargenti The Blonde and the Ballplayer: Baseball Brides, Book Two
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When sports reporter Vanessa Roberson interviews baseball phenom Tommy Wright, she’s thrilled that he sticks around afterwards to ask her out. On their first date, she teases him with rumors that he’s a womanizer. To prove her wrong, Tommy invites her home to meet his family. They all take to Vanessa right away, and Vanessa’s charmed by them as well. The only problem is, she’s afraid to have a real relationship, due to a past experience with an abusive ex-boyfriend.

When she confesses to Tommy that she enjoys being taken over a knee and even likes a bit of bondage, he tells her he likes topping naughty girls, and they fall into a domestic discipline-type of relationship that suits them both.

As time goes on, Vanessa finds herself becoming more and more entwined with Tommy’s family, and she realizes she’s already fallen hard for him. She tries to break out of the stranglehold her past relationship has over her, but when Tommy shows his jealous side, she decides it’s time to end the relationship for good. 

Unfortunately, living apart proves to be a lot more difficult than either of them could have imagined. 

Is Tommy strong enough to make Vanessa feel safe? Is Vanessa brave enough to give Tommy a chance? Will true love win out, or will Vanessa’s stubbornness destroy their special bond forever?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains elements of BDSM, domestic discipline and sexual scenes. If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase.

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Angela Sargenti

The Blonde and the Ballplayer: Baseball Brides, Book Two

Published by: Blushing Books

Copyright 2017 Blushing Books and Angela Sargenti
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Number of Chapters: Ten - Word Count: 41000



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Hope W

Cute, fun, and entertaining...

This book was a sweet romance and an easy read. Tommy Wright is a ballplayer who falls for the sports reporter, Vanessa. Although he can get a little jealous at times, he is normally just a overall nice guy. Tommy has helped raise his niece, Miranda, and now has her and her fiancé living with him. Vanessa, works hard and enjoys her career. While getting to know Tommy, she becomes close friends with Miranda. Vanessa likes Tommy but is afraid of commitment. Can she overcome her past and learn to trust Tommy and make a relationship work?

Overall, I enjoyed this cute book and recommend it. The main characters were entertaining and the secondary ones just added depth and fun to the story. The author included the challenges of learning to trust again, fun, humor, friendship, a lot of sex, and erotic spankings along with love. I hope you read and enjoy as much as I did. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

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Spanker Up

This second book in the Baseball Brides series is a complete stand-alone story so it is not necessary to have read the first to fully understand and enjoy this one. The Blonde (Vanessa) is a television reporter covering sports, and the Baseball Player (Tommy) is the star second baseman for the local MLB team. Once they meet on camera the attraction is immediate and the relationship begins. I found the alternating first person narrative a bit confusing at times but it did allow for different male & female perspectives of the action. There were lots of spankings and lots of very graphic sex, including anal, but I felt the psychological and emotional attachments were not as well developed as they could have been. We know from reading the book that both Vanessa and Tommy enjoyed the spankings, but we don’t get to see/learn why they each enjoyed their role in them. Still, a very tantalizing story and fully deserving of 4 stars.
I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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A reader:

Sweet romance

This is a sweet romance. Overall I quite enjoyed it, relate-able characters, nice touches about the issues of travel and it's impact on a relations, etc. However, I do wish that Vanessa's issues had been explored a bit more, I'd say more but it'd be a spoiler. But due to that the ending felt a bit rushed and didn't have as much of an emotional impact as it perhaps might have. Nevertheless, a fun sweet read.

I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

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