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Lucky St. James is an exotic dancer from the wrong side of the tracks, and despite her name, her luck with men has been anything but fortunate.

When she meets Clay Jackson, the wealthy gentleman farmer wants nothing more than to prove to her that love and trust are worth taking a chance on.

Lucky wants to give herself completely to him, even after he’s told her how important it is to him that they practice domestic discipline in their relationship. But will she really be able to trust him and allow herself to be loved the way she longs to? Or is she too afraid of getting hurt?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains domestic discipline in the form of spanking and corner time.

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Jodi Bella

Lucky in Love

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Jodi Bella
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Number of Chapters: Fourteen - Word Count: 59900



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I enjoyed this emotional story that is a second chance romance. For Lucky St. James, life hasn’t lived up to her name of Lucky. Born poor, with a runaway father, abusive step-father, losing her mother, and a string of bad relationships, Lucky just doesn’t have it in her to believe in happily ever after endings.

Clay Jackson is a self-made horse rancher. His first marriage ended earlier because she refused to accept his belief in a domestic discipline lifestyle, even though he never took her in hand. She left with their twin daughters, who are now both grown and in college.

Clay meets Lucky when he is at a bachelor party at the strip club where she is one of the exotic dancers. From her agreeing to dinner, they begin a relationship until she runs from him. He told her, “If you change your mind you know where to find me, but there will be consequences Lucky.”

The story is full of angst, indecision, feelings of inadequacy, rejections, defeat, and longing for acceptance. Lucky needs to feel like she is important, that she matters, but she refuses to be a taker and wants to make her way in the world. She wants to be loved, feels lovable, and to give love. Clay is older than her, has grown daughters, well to do, and it is hard for Lucky to fully accept that he will remain happy with her. She is the queen of denial and running away, but a life and death situation will be a wake-up call and a chance for forgiveness, even if it comes with a painful price. After running again, will Clay still want her? It will come at a high price, one that she will deem as “Hell On Earth Week.” “Lucky was struck by how love, which had always seemed so elusive, so hard to obtain even harder to hold onto, was now suddenly all around her.”

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Hope W

Trust your heart and love!

This domestic discipline romance has so many feelings that many of us can understand. Lucky St. James is an exotic dancer who has had a hard life filled with disappointments. Her low self esteem and lack of trust in not only herself, but those she loves leaves her running from the very thing she wants with her whole heart, love and acceptance. With Clay, she has everything but runs when things get hard and she gets scared. She knows if she goes back to the love of her life, then she is accepting a domestic discipline relationship along with a spanking for running from him. However, she knows being in Clay's arms is where she belongs. While Clay and Lucky know their love is real and strong, Clay's daughters are just as against this relationship as Clay and Lucky are sure of their feelings. His grown daughters are spoiled and mean spirited toward Lucky even though their father and boyfriends have warned them to behave. Lucky tries to befriend Andi and Chrissy but this only leads to trouble for all involved. Just when things seem to be calming down and Lucky thinks she will have her dream come true life hits her again sending her running to protect her own heart. When and unexpected tragedy hits can Lucky overcome her own fear and insecurities? Come read and see what Lucky will do.
I highly recommend this wonderful story filled with love, insecurity, faith in those around you, hot sex scenes, spankings, family dynamics, humor, and overall facing ones own fears and overcoming to achieve happiness. This is such a heartfelt story and I highly recommend reading and enjoying Lucky and Clay's love story. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this story.

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Clay loves Lucky

I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Lucky St. James has had a hard life. She an exotic dancer who is just doing the best she can. She meets Clay and then leaves him. She knows a girl like her doesn't get men like Clay. When she comes back she knows that means she is accepting a spanking relationship. Getting past his daughters will be a battle, but Clay is determined to have the woman he loves.

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