Lucy Wild Little Conspiracy
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Vanessa White has never met her benefactor but when his regular monthly payments to her landlord abruptly stop, she is thrown out of her house and left destitute. Offered a place at a private school, Vanessa accepts but when she arrives, she discovers she must enroll as one of the headmaster's littles and accept whatever disciplinary measures the establishment sees fit.

When Nathaniel Crow finds Vanessa waiting for him at his school, it only takes one look at her innocent beauty for him to fall for her, an action that soon threatens to destroy them both. 

When a stranger returns to claim Vanessa and ruin Nathaniel, he finds himself forced to take extreme measures to keep his little girl safe, whether she wants him to or not. 

DISCLAIMER: This book includes the spanking of adult women, explicit sexual scenes including anal play, and elements of age-play and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

Lucy Wild

Little Conspiracy

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2017 Blushing Books and Lucy Wild
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Number of Chapters: Twenty-six - Word Count: 36000




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A reader:

A short intense age play story

This well-written age-play book details the story of the orphan Vanessa and her benefactor Mr. Nathaniel Crow. Orphaned as an infant, Vanessa grew up on the streets of London until, at the age of eighteen, an anonymous benefactor took over her financial responsibilities. After two years without financial worries, her monthly rent is suddenly unpaid, and she is thrown into the street. Behind the scene, to protect Vanessa from an old danger, her benefactor Mr. Crow has her sent to his special school for littles. And there her training and their love story begins. Yet I would not classify this as a sweet romance. For me, I found the accelerated sexual timeline to be unrealistic, and one or two scenes (the carriage ride and the park) were turn offs for me. However, overall the book is creative, passionate and easy to read. Both the sex scenes and the discipline scenes are extremely detailed. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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I enjoyed this mystery suspense story that has many twists and turns. There is an interesting cast of characters, secrets, lies, revenge, and plenty of angst. Vanessa White has had a hard life, with no real childhood, and then for the last two years, she has had an unknown benefactor, paying her rent and needs. When her rent is not being paid, her landlord throws her out but gives her an address to go to, and that spins this tale into motion.

Nathaniel Crow has his demons and guilt. He has been taking care of Vanessa White for the past two years, after finally finding the missing girl. But she is in danger, and he must stay away in hopes of keeping her safe. But when his payments for rent don’t make it to her landlord, something must change to protect her. He runs a school that trains young ladies to be little wives. Now he will have to hide Vanessa as a student in plain sight.

Vanessa White goes from a hard life to being taken care of and back to being tossed out of her home. Sent to a school is confusing, and then she is to become a student. Mr. Crow, the headmaster, demands her obedience, and little Vanessa submits to his every command. This will be her journey into a DD/lg relationship of D/s.

The plot has plenty of unknown mystery that will play out over time. Secrets will come to light, lies will surface, nefarious intent will unfold, and a life and death situations will open the door to trust. The story has explicit sex scenes, exhibition, and humiliation with mild age play. There are multiple punishments, including caning.

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A reader:

suspense, intrigue ageplay and D/S

Vanessa finds herself getting thrown out on her ears. She is given the address of her benefactor and finally after a wild goose chase she
ends up at her benefactor's school. Not your normal type of school, it is a school for littles. Vanessa becomes a little being taught a curriculum
for littles per request of her benefactor. She could be in danger so he; Mr. Crow decides it is the best for Vanessa's safety. After a few twists
and turns she ends up wanting one thing; his love and ultimately is given it.

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mr. crow loves his little

I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. 1868 - Vanessa White has a benefactor who pays her mortgage and bills every month. Suddenly, it stops and she is thrown out on the streets. She traces her benefactor and enss up at the school he runs. Nathaniel Crow has a good reason for protecting Vanessa. She becomes a student and experiences the childhood she never had. DD, ageplay and sexual situations, HEA.

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