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Along the Oregon Trail…

In 1848, the United States government was giving every man who settled in the Oregon Territory free land. Pioneer families by the thousands headed west on the Oregon Trail to capture a slice of this fertile countryside in the Willamette Valley for themselves. The promise of a homestead in the temperate climate along the west coast was irresistible. However, the trip was not without peril, and many failed to arrive.

After nineteen-year-old Olga is married off to an older man, the two begin their own arduous journey along the famous, but danger-filled Trail. Before too long, her naivety and nervousness give way to the joy of sex, despite the occasional bit of discipline her husband applies to her soft and gorgeous behind. Soon, though, tragedy strikes and Olga is left on her own. Until…

Thomas, a lawyer in a previous life—well-off and pampered—sets out to make his own way in a new land in defiance of his overbearing father. His journey begins when he accepts a position crewing on a riverboat. When he learns of the gold discovered in California, he joins the rush to the west coast. Fate soon intervenes in the form of a new job scouting for the same wagon train on which three newly widowed women ride. His new task also involves caring for and disciplining the widows. He and Olga have a special spark, which causes Thomas to rethink his plans. The two begin their own journey west to claim a new land. And each other.

Thomas dreams of marrying for love, and not money. Olga dreams of having a loving husband and children. They seem ideally suited for one another, yet their journey to happiness is not an easy one. Along the way, the two face all sorts of dangers—both physical and emotional. How will they navigate the untamed lands of the new frontier? More importantly, how will they navigate an untamed emotional connection more powerful than any they’ve encountered previously?

Publisher's Note: This story contains the spanking of adult women and explicit sexual scenes. If such material offends, please do not purchase.

Sterling Scott

South Pass Brides

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Sterling Scott
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Number of Chapters: Fourteen - Word Count: 57200




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Once again, Sterling Scott has created a fascinating page turning adventure that takes place in 1848 and travels from Ohio, across the famous Oregon Trail to Oregon. I always enjoy the picture he paints, the details he shares, and taking history with a twist of artistic liberty, taking the reader on a journey.

Olga, 19-years old, finds herself in an arranged marriage to an older widower, Peter Graus. He had already made plans to travel from Ohio to Oregon, and so that will be her new lot in life. When tragedy strikes, provisions are lost, they find themselves heading back to Missouri. Barely into the trip, ambushed, Peter is murdered, and everything they owned stolen. That is how Thomas Meyers, with the guide of an Indian, will find this young woman and her deceased husband.

Thomas left his trading post near Canada when his partner was murdered, and he fears for his own life. Decides to travel and join up with a wagon train, his goal is to head west to California. Not to pan for gold, but to have a trading post. Finding Olga, he tries to get her back to the wagon train, but instead, join up with the Mormon group, where he scouts and hunts for them.

The story will take the reader on the journey, with the hardships, life, and death situations, various landmarks, Indians, and the people on the trail. Thomas will take responsibility for Olga, and in the process, they will begin a love affair, that will also include domestic discipline. The story has a large cast of interesting characters, historical facts and locations, and a glimpse into a harsher life and travel, all in the hopes of a brighter future. There are many spankings and plenty of explicit sex scenes along the journey.

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South Pass Brides

Olga was forced to marry a man she’d only just met, as her younger sister couldn’t marry until Olga had. Peter, her new husband, was married before so he knew all about it…and as he’d planned to take a wagon train to the new lands, Olga went as well. Untouched before, she found she enjoyed his kisses and love making, but knew it wasn’t a love match. As things unfold, there’s problems on the wagon train and they are forced to turn back. While Olga is in the bushes taking care of business, Peter is killed and all they own is taken. Enter Thomas…a young man that finds her and protects her, rejoining the train and everything changes. I voluntarily read an advance copy of this book and found it to be very well written.

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A reader:

A real western read!

I cannot express how much I enjoyed this tale. It is a sexy but gritty story which reads like a truthful account of the Oregon trail travelers and the hardships they encountered along the way. At the same time this is a love story, one that is gritty and sincere. I loved the fact the author had traveled the route his characters had taken and enjoyed his facts about the history at the end of the tale.

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south pass brides

South pass brides by sterling Scott
Set in 1848Story of Thomas, and Olga. Olga was forced to marry and start off for Oregon and free land. Olga and her first husband Peter start off on their adventure, but Peter is murdered for his possesions and olga is saved by Thomas. They develop a loving relationship full of loving discipline which is the way it was back then. I voluntarily reviewed this advanced reader copy and truly enjoyed it. Olga is a spunky woman and Thomas is not afraid to take her in hand in order to keep her safe. This author worked hard to research this time period, before she started this book. The time she spent writing this book is obvious as the book is very good, well thought out and put together nicely. The story flows nicely and has adventure, sadness and finally happiness along with a nice little mystery wihich is resolved in the end. Very good read and nice job of writing it Sterling Scott.

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