Maryse Dawson Dark Secrets
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Withdean Manor, Health Spa. A week’s stay, the perfect gift any friend could give another. But all is not what it seems. Step inside the imposing walls and everything changes in the blink of an eye.

Withdean harbours a dark secret. Catering to every girl with a spanking fantasy, whatever the era or location, Withdean will transport them there for one week only and bring to life their utmost desires and wishes. But it can only work if they are unaware of what is about to unfold.

From friend to friend, these fantasies are passed along, a dark secret, never to be told...

Lexa finds herself back at school, under the watchful eye of a handsome but very strict headmaster. Bethany becomes a maid, to a master who takes discipline very seriously. Sabrina is an army cadet with an overbearing sergeant. Gabrielle finds herself married to an imposing knight with very large, powerful hands. Georgina becomes a showgirl, hired by the local sheriff.

April is a thief with a cop for a boyfriend, who dishes out his own punishments. Freya is a shield maiden, married to an enormous Viking. Layla becomes an Egyptian princess who marries a king. Stephanie is a Victorian nurse with a strict doctor who does not abide breaking the rules.

Publisher's Disclaimer: Nine short stories, full of steamy sex scenes and adult spankings, sure to fulfill your darkest fantasy.

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Maryse Dawson

Dark Secrets

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Maryse Dawson
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Number of Chapters: Nine - Word Count: 39900



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A reader:

Steamy hot short stories

One at a time, nine friends are gifted with a week's vacation to Withdean Manor. Expecting a relaxing stay at a resort, each woman is shocked to find herself magically transported into her deepest, darkest fantasy. Each lady is made to toe the line by her dominant fantasy figure - headmaster, viking, medieval knight, etc. At the end of the week, she leaves the Manor, rejuvenated and ready to pass the gift of Withdean Manor to another friend. These short stories were fun, creative, passionate and easy to read. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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The book is comprised of nine chapters, and each chapter is devoted to one girl and is her innermost thoughts and desires turned into reality. The visit to Withdean Manor is for only one week, and during that one week, they experience an erotic fantasy. Based on the fantasy the stories will cross into many different time eras.

At the beginning of the week, they will arrive by cab, and when they step on the first step their transformation takes place and the week begins. At the end of the week, when they go out the front door, there is their suitcase, they are back in their clothing, and the cab is waiting for them. They have a brochure telling to them pass it on to someone else but not to tell them what happens.

The story is a quick read and each girls experience is different. There is no real back story or much information on the nine girls; it is just a short glimpse into their fantasy week. In each story, the various girls will experience spankings, and steamy sex scenes, even it some only seems like a dream.

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what is your secret fantasy?

I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Withdean Manor. The place to live your fantasies and dreams for an entire week. Nine friends - each receives the gift of a week at Withdean. It starts with Lexa who then gifts Bethany, who then passes it along to another friend. They each arrive by taxi, step to the door and into their secret fantasy. Strong, beautiful, dominant men feature in their visits. Plenty of spanking and delicious sex with many story variations.

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A reader:

Short stories about fulfilled secret fantasies

This is a collection of short stories about a spa, Withdean Manor, which is not what it seems. Each guest has her secret fantasy fulfilled and the story follows on as one weeks stay is gifted to a friend by the one who stayed the week before. Each has a different fantasy and there is a lot of spanking and some hot scenes. Reasonably entertaining but a bit predictable but a quick easy read. I voluntarily reviewed and advance reader copy of this book.

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