Mira Brooks The Diary of Dixie Pearl
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Callie and Mike Reashore decide that their life in Boston needs to change after both suffering losses in their family. When they happen upon an old plantation in Harper's Ferry, West Virginia close to Mike's sister, they take a leap of faith. The mansion is reportedly haunted, and they quickly learn the rumors are true. When Callie begins waking up with bruising on her backside, not from her husband’s hands, they recruit a medium. Can they help the ghosts still haunting the Willowton Grove Plantation, or will the over two-hundred-year-old mystery remain unsolved?

Publisher’s Note: This story includes scenes of domestic discipline, and explicit sex. If such material offends you, please do not buy this book.

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Mira Brooks

The Diary of Dixie Pearl

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Mira Brooks
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Number of Chapters: Seven - Word Count: 53000



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Overall, I enjoyed the story that is a cross of two time periods, present day and the 1700s. The story is a mixture of hope, dreams, and new beginnings for those of present day and mystery, suspense, and murder in the past. These two time periods will come together at the Willowton Grove Plantation.

The story has some backstory on Mike and Callie Reashore and what has them moving from Boston to Harpers Ferry and purchasing a large plantation to turn it into an Inn and restaurant, and also to be closer to his family. Callie is bi-racial, her late father was black, and her mother is white (this plays relevance in the story.) Mike and Callie have a strong marriage, they were a couple during school and had the blessings of their families. They also are a bit adventurous and also practice mild domestic discipline.

Jumping back in time to the 1700s, the master of the plantation had bought Dixie Pearl to be a companion for his daughter, Cathy. Ryland Jefferson, son of Hugh and Margot Jefferson, has been away at school, but now that he is home, he has taken a liking to Dixie. When Hugh dies, Ryland becomes the new head of the plantation, has ownership papers for Dixie, frees her and then marries her against his mother’s wishes. The hatred of Margot Jefferson spins this tale into motion. “Two young souls defying the world for love. Is it wrong to be so happy, and so terrified all at once?”

Willowton is known to be haunted, and Callie will be the link between the past and present. From the house to paintings, a diary, and newspaper accounts will help solve a mystery and give peace. There is a large cast of characters, detailed information, some unique situations, and conclusion in the end. There are mild spankings, and detailed sex scenes.

I could have enjoyed the story better if some critical facts had been better researched. First off, West Virginia did not become a state until June 20, 1863, and should have been referred to as Virginia. Another time mentioned Hugh changing his crops from tobacco to wheat in the 1860s with the threat of war; that was one hundred years after Hugh died. While many mulatto children are the result of white men fathering them with their black slaves, interracial marriages were banned from 1753 to 1967. (https://www.lva.virginia.gov/public/guides/Research_Note_26.pdf)

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A reader:

A fantastic paranormal romance

I loved this book! Mike and Callie have moved to West Virginia and bought an old tobacco plantation that has been converted into an inn. And then the spooky stuff starts. But it is only after Callie finds a 200 year old diary that the truly fascinating journey begins. This book has something for everyone- ghosts, romance, discipline, history, colorful characters and a murder mystery. The characters are believable, and the storyline is entertaining. I can't wait to read other books by Ms. Brooks. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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A reader:

great read

I really liked this book. Its a book to read when you have a little while because you won't want to put it down. Strong characters,story line. No cliff hanger. I voluntary read an advanced copy of this book.

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A reader:

Fantastic Mystery!

This is a fantastic book if you like time travel and ghosts. Callie and Mike Reashore have just bought and renovated a very old plantation with quite a history. They know that it is haunted, but they don't know by who or how many ghosts. It isn't until Callie finds Dixie's journal and that she is drawn back in time to experience life through Dixie's eyes that she begins to solve a two hundred year old mystery. This book has all the great things I love about time travel and ghost stories. I always want to find out why the ghost are still there. I mean it must mean that something went wrong for them right? I especially love that I could find that out through Dixie's eyes. Mira Brooks has done a wonderful job of weaving a mysterious tale that must be solved. I was glad to see that so many people's lives were made happy in the end.

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