Jenny Plumb Walk the Line: Blurred Lines, Book Three
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For the past two years, Andie has been happy living with her surrogate parents, David and Nina. She has become adept at fluidly transitioning between living her daily life as their 'daughter', and becoming their Little, or their submissive, whenever the mood strikes. 

However, her peaceful existence is threatened when someone from the past sets her up for a crime she didn't commit. David and Nina decide to hire a private investigator to clear her name, and due to the nature of their relationship with Andie, they ask their friend and fellow Daddy Dom, Josh, to take the job.

Josh and Andie are at odds almost immediately when she announces her intent to help solve the case against her parents' wishes and advice. To keep her safe, Josh becomes her stand-in dominant while they investigate. The two spend every waking hour together over the next few days, and soon, neither one of them can deny their growing attraction to one another, even though they both know that Andie is in a relationship with David and Nina.

Andie and Josh have to walk the line between friendship and intimacy while trying to clear Andie's name; not knowing what will happen to their budding romance once David and Nina are back in the picture. Is a future for them both even possible? And will they be able to track down whoever is responsible for trying to set Andie up, or will she have to go to prison for something she didn't do?

Publisher's Note: This is the third and final book in Jenny Plumb's sweet 'Blurred Lines' trilogy. It contains age-play elements and the spanking of an adult woman. If such material offends, please do not purchase.

Jenny Plumb

Walk the Line: Blurred Lines, Book Three

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Jenny Plumb
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Number of Chapters: Fifteen - Word Count: 67800




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Andie Safe-words

In this conclusion to Andie’s story (a trilogy), she has been set-up for a grand theft auto charge by someone from her past and now faces an uncertain future that may include some jail time. David and Nina, her “parents” from books 1 & 2 continue to stand behind her and enlist a former friend, and fellow daddy/dominant, who is a private investigator. This is a rollicking good story that deals with a very complicated young lady (Andie) who has clear “little”, “submissive” and “adult” personas, and who has a complicated legal problem as well. She and Josh, with David and Nina’s support and encouragement, must work through their developing Daddy/Little relationship all the while solving the “who done it” mystery. A strong story with delicious discipline and sensuous sex. The book is a great finale to the trilogy, but is also a fully satisfactory stand-alone story.
I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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Andie finds love

I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. This is the 3rd installment in the Blurred Lines Series - an ageplay story. Andie is a little to her parents Nina and David. Andie has a complicated past and a criminal history. Being a little to Nina & David has taught her love, affection and compassion. When her past comes back to haunt her, a friend of her parents, Josh, comes to her rescue. Josh is a private investigator and with Andie's help tries to clear her problem. This was a really good story and Andy's ability to switch from little to adult easily makes the story even better.

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A reader:

exciting, age/play dom/sub whodunnit mystery

This was an amazing story. It starts off with Andie a young lady that started her adult life with a plea deal that kept her out of jail
for exposing a car theft ring and has been off probation 1 week and then gets arrested for stealing a car that is unexplainably in
the driveway where she lives with David and Nina her surrogate parents. They hire a private investigator and lawyer to help
prove her innocence. Andie just seems to find trouble wherever she goes and ultimately ends up working on the case with private
investigator. There a great many twists and turns in this novel all proving to be exciting. There is some age-play and dom/sub in this

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A reader:

Andie and Josh!

This was a good story the 3rd in this series. It had some elements of age play but it also brodered on adult disciplined. Andrea(Andie) was awoken when police came knocking on Nina and David's door about a stolen car that was sitting in there driveway also someone had reported loud shouting soming from their address. Andie was arrested because a witness reported seeing someone that fit Andie's description driving the car and from her pass history of car thefts but that had all stopped 2 years previous when Nina and David became her surrogate parents. David called his brother-in-law Nate, who is a lawyer, to represent Andie. Then David called Joshua Wilson, a private detective to see if he could figure out who was setting up Andie. This story was easy to read and the characters were interesting, but the plotline was kind of predictable. I think this book can be read as a stand alone but it would be more interesting if read in order. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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