Viola Morne The Passion of Jane: Mayfair Menage, Book One
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A disillusioned rake with a shameful secret.
 A beautiful woman, hiding her passionate nature. A soldier, who has given everything for his country.

Jane Vernon buried her sexual appetite for years while married to a cold and distant man. She returns to her father’s house as a penniless widow and begins volunteering at a London hospital. While nursing injured soldiers, Jane’s passion is suddenly sparked by the beautiful officer in her care. The problem? First, he’s unconscious—and then he disappears. 

A chance encounter with the Earl of Shevington follows. He is a man bent only on his own pleasure, but his caresses further fan the flames of Jane’s awakening desires. Scandal threatens and Jane is once again stuck in a marriage of convenience. Her new husband incites her cravings even while she endures his stern discipline, but she cannot trust a man like him with her heart. 

When her soldier unexpectedly returns to her life, Jane must face her deepest fears—and accept her darkest desires. 

Publisher's Warning: Contains scenes with elements of BDSM, ménage, and graphic sex.

Viola Morne

The Passion of Jane: Mayfair Menage, Book One

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Viola Morne
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Number of Chapters: Twelve - Word Count: 48000




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I enjoyed this beginning to a new series and can’t wait for more stories in the Mayfair Menage series. From the first page to the last I was engrossed in this tale and the delightful characters that kept the pages turning.

Widow, Lady Jane Vernon, is once again trapped, back at her father’s home, and wish she could just find a place in the country and escape, especially from her hateful stepmother. Her only joy is working at the hospital assisting the nurses and aiding the soldiers. She is enamored by one particular soldier who has been unconscious but has a way of sparking passion in her, and then one day he is just gone.

From attending a ball, trying to avoid another forced loveless marriage to a man Jane can not tolerate, she hides and is confronted by a rakish gentleman who shocks her with his blunt words and challenges her to a tryst in the library. By the next day, it is scandalous news in the paper, and Jane finds herself into a forced marriage of convenience to none other than Gabriel, the Earl of Shevington. There are a physical attraction and plenty of passion along with discipline.

What happens when her soldier reappears and he is her husband’s best friend and former comrade, Major Connor Sullivan? The man has haunted her dreams and fantasies, but she is married. What will happen if Gabriel learns of her indiscretion while working at the hospital? The story is full of secrets on both sides and the consequences when the truth comes to light. How will Gabriel decide what is best for Jane, himself, and Connor, a man who not only saved his life but it as a brother to him? Sharing a woman as two single men in the past was one thing, but what will they do now that each man loves the same woman and she, in turn, loves both of them? What society doesn’t know won’t hurt them. The story is explicit in sex scenes, has infidelity, forgiveness, plenty of discipline, and ménage à trios.

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Hope W

Passion of three... love by all!!

When I first began reading this book I was not sure how I would like the rest of the story. Jane's actions in the beginning were not what I expected; however, as it continued I became engrossed in the story. Jane was an unhappy widow from a loveless marriage. After taking care of an unconscious soldier she began learning about herself and her inward desires. The last thing she wants is another unhappy marriage. As for Gabriel, he hides his past hurts behind his playboy antics and hard exterior. When he meets Jane, his eventual feelings surprise not only Jane but himself as well. However, when Jane's soldier reappears in her life where will this leave her husband within her heart and their bed?
I highly recommend reading the first book in this new series. The storyline is well written and kept my interest from start to finish. The characters are well developed and each harbor their own secrets that will bring twists and turns along the way. The secondary characters only add interest to the storyline. Some you will like while others you may hate, but they all serve a purpose. There was family relationships (both good and bad), secrets, infidelities, love, lust, greed, kidnapping, friendships, punishments, spankings, and confusion, but above all love. This book is a must read! I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

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Ruby Caine

Pain and pleasure bring Jane back to life

After a passionless marriage, Jane finds satisfaction with a man in her care. Soon she finds herself in another loveless marriage. At least there is passion this time, pain and pleasure making life anything but dull. Love forms then her lover returns, complicating life again.

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Toni L

Good read

A surprisingly good story that I enjoyed more than anticipated. Although most of the story lacked the 'menage' the overall relationships worked really well together.

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