Ruby Caine Real Reality: Katrina's Aftermath, Book One
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Welcome to Katrina's Aftermath, a restaurant started after the disastrous hurricane, a symbol of the dedicated people of the region who rebuilt after others predicted it could not be done.

Mary Elizabeth, her cousin and best friend inadvertently stumble upon a woman breaking up with Everrett Schnaydre while eating at popular Katrina's Aftermath. They film the scene and upload it before any of them have time to think better of it. Later on they realize they created a YouTube sensation called Real Reality. Mary Elizabeth, a respectable Catholic school librarian, cannot believe anyone would drop a man as perfect as Everrett. Unfortunately, she does not keep her opinion to herself and soon crashes, while disguised, one of his future dates, chewing out not only the woman dumping him, but Everrett for picking such an inappropriate woman in the first place. 

Everrett sets out to find and punish the culprits who filmed and shared one of his most embarrassing moments. In the meantime, he ends up dating the Little Church Mouse from his mother's church. They make a perfect couple but he feels the need to help Mary Elizabeth avoid her impulsive side.  His research suggests Domestic Discipline might be the answer. He opts to forget his quest for revenge, so long as the producers of Real Reality stay out of his current love affair.

Little does Everrett know that Mary Elizabeth is the culprit. What will he do when the truth comes out? Will Mary Elizabeth ever be able to sit comfortably again?  

 Publishers note: This book contains elements of spanking of adult women and sexual scenes.  If any of these themes offend you, please do not purchase.

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Ruby Caine

Real Reality: Katrina's Aftermath, Book One

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Ruby Caine
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Number of Chapters: Eleven - Word Count: 25800



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I enjoyed this beginning to a new series that takes place in New Orleans. Katrina Aftermath is a restaurant and becomes the video playground for two cousins and a friend. They hide at a booth and capture the breakups and then post them on You Tube under the name of Real Reality TV.

What happens when naïve Mary Elizabeth loses it and approaches the table of a man they have dubbed Hotbuns and the women he is with? Shock, confusion, anger, and revenge are all in play. The date leaves, Mary Elizabeth, is trapped in the booth, and before she knows it, finds herself being carried out of the restaurant over the shoulders of the man.

Fate has a way of bringing two people together. Everett Schnaydre is a man with plans; he is methodical, organized, and a nerd. Mary Elizabeth Langois is petite, quiet, plays the church organ and is a librarian at the church school. She lost both her parents in an accident and is still a virgin. As Everett and Mary start dating, he has everything planned out in stages of each week, each month with long term goals. He introduces her to domestic discipline and eventually sex. The story is full of humor, between his plans and her curiosity, they make a perfect couple. I look forward to the next story in this series.

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Mary Elizabeth and Hotbuns

I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Mary Elizabeth is a goid, devout girl..until she is with her wild cousin Claire. They and her friend, Jenny, film breakups and put them on the net. They really like to film Everrett Schnaydre, otherwise known as hotbuns. Everrett has been watching Mary Elizabeth for a while never knowing she was filming his breakups. Very cute story. HEA

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real reality

this story is of a church mouse and a man who believes in domestic discipline. Mary Elizabeth and some friends tape a man breaking up with a women and put it online. it becomes an overnight sensastion. I reviewed this advanced reader copy voluntairily and found it to be a good read. the struggles that both of these couples went through even though they loved one another made them stronger.

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A reader:

A quick enjoyable read

Mary Elizabeth was innocent and sweet but quite forward. Everett came across as innocent sometimes also with all the research he kept doing on everything. That and his complete need for planning to the very last detail made for a cute and amusing short story. A quick enjoyable read.

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