Jade Cary Return to Big Sky
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“Old cowboys never die; they just quit horsing around. Or this one: Old cowboys never die; they just smell that way. I had three or four others swirling in my head, all of them dumb, except to the cowboy—or to the cowgirl who loved him. Rehashing stupid quotes about cowboys kept me from focusing on the one true thing, and that was the unexpected passing of my father, Charles Asher.” 

It has been fifteen years since Chandler Asher saw home, and it took the death of a father she hadn’t seen and hardly spoke to in those years to force her reluctant return to Big Sky. Being sent away to school during the most formative years of her life has left a hole as big as the Madison Range and a rage hotter than a timber fire, and she carries it with her as she returns to Cameron, Montana to bury her father. 

Jed Brooks has been a part of the Asher Ranch since Chandler was a little girl, and it is Jed that Chandler most dreads—and longs—to see. She has loved him all of her life, and as they lay Charles Asher to rest, those feelings of love and longing resurface. Chandler is no longer a child, and Jed is a grown man with a lifetime behind him and little tolerance for the little girl who grew up and never came home. 

Amid the splendor of a Western Montana fall, where men are men and cowboys never die, Chandler finds comfort amongst family as she comes to grips with a life she has missed for fifteen years. And when the bitter truth about the father she thought she knew reveals itself, and someone from outside the family threatens to destroy all that Charles Asher has built, Chandler must let go of the past to save a legacy and a family she’s only now come to appreciate. 

Jade Cary

Return to Big Sky

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Jade Cary
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Number of Chapters: Thirty-five - Word Count: 93500




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Margaret Corcoran

A long romance!

I did not like this book. It is very well written but overly verbose. I felt that the feelings and emotions of Chandler were overly described. In my opinion it is too long. There is a lot in it from arson to punishments to love and death. The characters are well written and the scenery of the Big Sky emotive. I recommend it. I received an ARC copy of this book.

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The story is intense, and it covers so many emotions, hurt, anger, betrayal, loss, mistrust, confusion, regret, revenge, and eventually, understanding, healing, saying goodbye and starting anew. “Life, death, love, remorse, agony, and jubilation.”

Chandler Asher is now 30 years old and has come back to Montana for the funeral of her father, Charles Asher. Once he sent her away when she was fifteen, she never returned home. She was so hurt over being sent away to a boarding school in Atlanta, and once she graduated, went to college and then started her career as an architect in New York. If her Daddy wants to see her, then he needs to come where she is.

Jeb Brooks came to the Asher ranch as a troubled teen and found a place of contentment, one that gave him purpose, acceptance, and a father figure in Charles Asher. He had a place to work, learn and eventually he went to college and became an attorney before returning home to the Archer home place.

The plot of this story is deep, with many past incidents coming out after the fact. Chandler was so anger at her father for sending her away, she refused to open any of his letters, just setting them inside a shoe box, she saved his emails but didn’t answer them. So in the end, not only was her childish behavior harmful to her relationship with her father, she cheated herself out of more of his life. Secrets, an affair, a child, a court case, unexplained accidents, and troubles will all eventual come to the surface.

What could not happen fifteen years prior, was a relationship between Jeb and Chandler because of a twelve year age difference. Chandler has been in love with Jeb since she was six years old. She still wants him, but he is not willing to start anything with her if she is going back to New York. Her lackadaisical attitude, carelessness, and sass will come to a head. “I guarantee that by the time I’m through with you, sorry will take on a whole new meaning.” The love/hate relationship between Jeb and Chandler is full of attitude, emotions, and a sexual chemistry that sizzles off the pages. He is dominant, and he ends up taking her in hand numerous times, all incidents that she deserved.

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A reader:

All things a great book should be

Chandler is a strong, independent successful woman who returns to the ranch to bury her estranged father. Jed, her childhood hero, is waiting at the ranch to help her deal with her father's death and the big surprises that come with it. Jed is strong, compassionate and understanding ... to a point, but he draws the line when Chandler endangers herself. Even when she is at her worst, he loves and supports her, although it is often over his knee as he attempts to educate her regarding safety issues. I completely loved this book and will read it often. It is so well written and the characters are so well developed that the reader is truly immersed in Chandler's life on the Montana ranch. Another great thing about the novel was its length - 308 pages. Each page was full of life ... love, laughter, pain, remorse, forgiveness. Both the discipline scenes and love scenes were very detailed, yet moderate in nature. I will definitely look forward to Ms. Cary's next novel. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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Brilliant Book

This is Jade Cary at her absolute best. I have read all of her books and was looking forward to this one which was a change of direction from her previous books. I was not disappointed and once I started reading it, I couldn't put it down until I had finished. Really sorry to come to the end, just a very entertaining read.
Chandler Asher has come back to her home in Montana to bury her father after a 15 year absence. She is angry and hurt, although she realises that holding on to her hubris from the perceived abandonment by her father in the past is futile, she cannot quite move on. Jed has been living and working at the ranch all her life and and she has been in love with him that long. He doesn't have patience for her angry and stubborn attitude and will not stand for dangerous or childish behaviour. Chandler is very stubborn and although she has a huge heart and loves deeply, she can be a bit of a brat at times. Jed will not stand for it, ever.
This story has it all, family, action, deep love, eye watering spankings and hot raunchy scenes, plus a HEA, what a ride. Just excellent. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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