Carolyn Faulkner Man and Wife
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Marielle DeVane had her life planned out. Her fiancée, Evan, was everything she wanted in a man, and their marriage would be the culmination of years of fantasizing about their perfect life together. 

But the rich and powerful Connor Wetherby, Duke of Whitford, had other plans for her, plans that Mari found herself unexpectedly subject to when her brother's debts forced her to wed the overbearing stranger rather than her beloved.

Mari was used to getting her way, and she was not one bit happy with the turn her life had taken. Con liked Mari's spirit, and he was looking forward to the challenge of taming her, surprised to find that he was already half in love with the little baggage.

His dream of finding his feelings returned by his bride seemed hopeless when she proved, time and again, that her heart belonged to another.

But when Evan turns up, and things spiral out of control, will Mari realize which man truly has her heart?

Publisher's Disclaimer: Man and Wife is one of Carolyn Faulkner's sweet historical romances, complete with romantic sexual scenes and spankings.

Carolyn Faulkner

Man and Wife

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Carolyn Faulkner
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Number of Chapters: Nine - Word Count: 35400




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A reader:

man and wife

Man and wife by Carolyn Faulkner
This is a simple story of the duke Connor Wetherlby and his wife mari. She is in love with her first love Even but he has no money and her brother has put their family in a bad way with his gambling and womanizing. So Mari is “sold “ to Connor. She is crying at her wedding but grows to love her husband. He offers her safety and support and discipline when she acts spoiled. The story ends up with Even in jail for running Connor through when the duel is only to first blood. Conner ends up very sick but Mari loves him and nurses him back to health. I voluntarily reviewed this advanced reading copy and found it a good read but a little simple. Not much of a story line but plenty of sex and discipline. .

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I enjoyed this tale of a determined wealthy and worldly Duke, a spoiled young girl, and the boy next door that she was to marry. Money, power, and an esteemed title win out over what she wants and what her family needs.

Marielle DeVane has her life planned out, to marry Evan Holyoake, a family friend. When Connor Wetherby, Duke of Whitford, comes into the picture, meets Mari, he is determined that she will be his, and he sets the plan in motion. He finds her to be everything he wanted in a woman, strong, gorgeous, and with a backbone to spare. Mari’s brother has accumulated a staggering amount of outstanding gambling debts and Con offers to clear those debts for her hand in marriage.

An engagement is broken, a young girl’s fairytale dreams are shattered, and a new life begins. Con is a man who expects obedience, and when Mari is slow to respond, he takes her in hand. The beginning of their marriage is full of angst, anger, confusion, and hard feelings. She feels like she was sold into this marriage to clear her brother. He is angry with her fawning over Evan and causing issues. Just when things between them start improving, Evan stirs up more problems. Will Mari grow up and realize that Con is truly in love with her and can she love him back? Sometimes it takes nearly losing what is the most important thing in your life before you appreciate it. The story is full of spankings and explicit sex scenes.

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A reader:

Loved it

This is a love story pure and simple. I loved it. It begins with an arranged marriage where they hardly know each other and finally develops into a deep love. There is a lot of fun to be had along the way with Con being a firm but loving husband, disciplining Mari as needed but loving her even more, something Mari realises she needs and wants.

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Mari thinks she loves Evan

I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Mari is now the Duchess of Whitford. Leaving her fiance Evan behind to marry a man of her parents choice is something Mari did not do willingly. Con wants Mari from the first time he sees her and makes sure she becomes his wife. Con loves disciplining wonen and his wife is no exception. He knows that under the brat is the woman he needs. A life threatening incident brings Mari into the woman she is meant to be. DD HEA

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