Patricia Green Charity and the Preacher: A Virtue, Arizona Novel
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Secrets run deep in the town of Virtue, Arizona Territory. And Charity Bucknell, second eldest of the Bucknell sisters, has her own horrible secret as well. Instead of risking shame and the torment of being shunned, Charity throws herself into charitable causes, most of which are based in the town’s church. Although no one on the outside can see her secret burden, she knows it’s there, and she believes it makes her unmarriageable and beyond redemption. 

Pastor Paul Cambridge is given the ministry of Virtue and takes his responsibilities and calling seriously. When he meets his church assistant, Charity, he is instantly taken with her. However, he has secrets of his own. Secrets keeping him from telling the truth about himself, even to the woman he loves. 

Charity resists Paul’s attention, though she’d like nothing more than to accept the handsome preacher’s proposal. Every kiss and touch they share brings them closer together, yet their inner fears keep them apart. Can Charity and Paul risk telling each other the secrets that shame and control them, or will they admit the truth and build a life together based on honesty and respect? 

DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women and one erotic encounter. If these things offend you, please do not purchase. 

Patricia Green

Charity and the Preacher: A Virtue, Arizona Novel

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Patricia Green
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Number of Chapters: Fifteen - Word Count: 41300




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A reader:

charlity and the preacher

Charity and the preacher by patricia green.
Charity and her family live in virtue Arizona. Along with her father who is a dr and her sisters faith, hope, mercy, verity and Joshua(verity’s husband who is the new sherriff.) Charity is the church’s helper helping everyone but she has a secret. Not even all her sisters know. She falls In love with the new preacher Paul Cambridge but she cant allow herself to marry him because of her terrible secret. This secret has kept her from marrying . She wont allow herself to even think about marrying . Paul loves her but cant fiquire out why she wont marry him. This story has a mystery that is very hard to fiquire out. In fact it kept me reading right through the night trying to fiquir it out. There is love and laughter and sadness and of course loving discipline. Faith and her habit of spreading gossip is almost Charity’s and Pauls downfall. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced ready copy of this book and enjoyed it a lot. I cannot wait until the next book in this series.

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A reader:

I loved it

I loved it. The perfect story to read at anytime but especially Christmas. I was completely drawn into the story about Charity and Paul their emotions so well described and real. They were such a good match for one another. They were instantly drawn to each other and their love grew the more time they spent with each other. Paul was such a romantic. It was wonderful.

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After reading The Doctor’s Daughter, my first thought was, wow, I do hope this will be a series with the other daughters of. Dr. Denby Bucknell. So I must say, I am so glad I wasn’t disappointed. The story will read as a standalone and definitely better as a series.

The story is full of shameful secrets, gossiping biddies, hidden mysteries, backbiting neighbors, a determined minister, a distraught Christian, and so many lies and false innuendos, that from the first page to the last, the story held my attention.

Charity Bucknell lives up to her name, she is always volunteering, working at the church, working in the community, seeing to the needs of the citizens of Virtue, and does it with a cheerful heart. But deep down, Charity carries a deep dark and painful secret that only a few people know about. This secret makes her feel unworthy of a man’s love, and she feels like she will be cheated out of having a family.

Pastor Paul Cambridge is taking over the Lutheran church so the former pastor can retire and move closer to their daughter. He is amazed by the work that Charity does in and around the church and for the citizens of Virtue. Paul is a widower, losing his wife and their son during childbirth. He did not have a marriage of love but more an arranged marriage of convenience. Sharing more of his past with his late wife, caused her to be bitter and resentful to him. He wants to be able to remarry but will another woman feel the way Emma did?

The plot is full of angst, secrets, pain, and suffering. No matter how kind Paul is to Charity and tries to get to know her, she tries to dissuade him and even gets hateful. There are several times when he takes her in hand with a spanking to try and bring her under control. What will it take for Charity to put a tragedy that was out of her control behind her and trust that Paul will not hold it against her? Two people, both with a servant's heart, are attracted to each other, but will their past keep them apart?

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A reader:

A sweet and spicy western

I am a big fan of Patricia Green and hope there will be many more books in this series. There's a new pastor in town, and he is pursuing Charity. As much as she wants to remain disinterested, she can't help but fall in love with him. But she pushes him away, because she feels unworthy of his love. Fortunately, he is persistent and has a secret weapon ... a strong right hand to help remind Charity to be her best self. This book was well-written with strong characters and a fully developed storyline. I look forward to the next book in the series. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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