Rayanna Jamison Luke's Rogue Bride: Love Multiplied, Book Four
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It's not always easy to flee the demons from your past.

Carolyn Atwood's childhood in the polygamist community of Filmore, Georgia, was one of oppression, fear and abuse at the hands of a power-hungry prophet.

After her family fled to the Green Valley, Utah, she was finally able to live the life she had always dreamed of—embracing her newfound freedom, safety and happiness, and to help put the prophet who abused her behind bars for once and for all.

When she hears her father plotting to take the family back to Filmore, Carolyn can feel her happy existence crumbling around her. She has a choice to make—tell a little white lie with the intention of marrying the new bishop so that she can build a better life in Green Valley, or return to the single place on Earth that could crush her very soul.

Lucas Miller has watched Carolyn for the past several years. While he admires her spirit, he knows that any man who is called to make her his wife will have his hands full. Will he trust in his faith that he is exactly the man for this troubled young woman? Will he be able to convince Carolyn that her past does not define who she is beneath that tough exterior? 

DISCLAIMER: This books contains the spanking of adult women and elements of power exchange, and is set in a polygamist community.  


Rayanna Jamison

Luke's Rogue Bride: Love Multiplied, Book Four

Published by: Blushing Press

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Number of Chapters: Seventeen - Word Count: 59500




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From Green Valley, Utah to Fillmore, Georgia, where both areas have polygamous communities, but that is where the similarities end. Fillmore, Georgia was ruled by a Prophet who was power hunger, used his control of the people, abused the women, beating them in the name of God, and even going as far as raping young women, minor girls. Green Valley is a collective unit of people with rules and guidelines, a belief in domestic discipline within a home, but allowed freedoms of the people. In Green Valley, a woman would dream of her husband, take that to the Bishop, where he would pray and then approach the intended groom.

Carolyn Atwood lived hell on earth in Fillmore, and nearly died at the hands of the Prophet before her mothers, father, and little sister left Georgia and moved to Green Valley. Carolyn overcompensates to deal with issues and comes off harshly. Her high school nemesis was none other than Rosa, who marries the soon to be Bishop, Lucas Miller.

From other hearing her father on the phone, and realizing he plans to move his family back to Fillmore, she knows the only safe way to not return will be to marry. Can she convince the present Bishop Miller that God has sent a vision of Lucas as her future husband? How will Lucas react, knowing the history between Rosa and Carolyn? “Fake it till you make it, that was her motto.”

The story is full of twists and turns, secrets, dealing with past abuse, and trying to move on in life. What happens when lies come out? Will Lucas turn his back on Carolyn? Can the Prophet continue to torment the people of Fillmore even from jail?
The story has multiple scenes that involve Christian Domestic Discipline in a loving relationship, it is always safe, sane and consensual. There are no sex scenes, intimacy is only implied.

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A reader:

Wonderful story

A sequel to Luke's First Bride, this is a heartwarming story about the courtship and marriage of Carolyn the 2nd wife in a polygamous marriage. The author did a great job in crafting a story with realistic, and yes flawed characters. It was wonderful to see Carolyn grow and fascinating to see how she became part of Luke and Rosa's marriage/life.

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book

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A reader:

The Best Book in this Series

Rayanna Jamison has definitely grown as a writer. In this book, she takes a character, Carolyn, who was portrayed very negatively in the prior book of the series. She was made to appear as a mean spirited, catty, flirtatious young woman who didn't have a lot of redeeming characteristics. Ms. Jamison managed to change Carolyn into a sympathetic character that I found myself hoping to succeed.

Luke was a good foil through which to see Carolyn's development. Rosa was pretty much a background character and one downside to the story (I thought) was that Rosa fell in line with the marriage way too easily considering everything that Carolyn had done to her in the past. I didn't think that part was believable.

My biggest issue with this book (and why it got 4 stars instead of 5) is one that has carried throughout all Ms. Jamison's books. It is the basic reason behind Luke considers spanking as his right as head of household.

Here is the thing. Luke says that the reason he spanks is so his wives will learn to stop doing things he doesn't like. A person learns from experiencing the pain of the spanking. Now the implication I get from this, since Luke is exempt from spankings, is that Luke never makes mistakes or that if he makes a mistake he is smart enough to figure out that he shouldn't do that mistake again without having pain inflicted upon him. His wives (and apparently in his opinion all women) are just too darn stupid to have that ability. They just don't have the capacity to learn unless they experience severe discomfort. You know it is one thing to say that a spanking can help a person get relief from guilt but it is entirely something else to think that they are too darn stupid to learn without the benefit of pain. That is just darn insulting.

Because of this attitude toward women in general and the women he loves in specific, I dropped my rating of this book from a 5 to a 4.

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