Jill Shannon Sapphire: Midnight Oasis, Book Two
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Madison, Dimitri, and Xavier invite you to set sail with them on the newest BDSM ship, the Sapphire. Madison has a chance to be with the two men who complete her. But will they feel the same way after she tells them about her past? 

Dimitri and Xavier love the woman Madison has become, but they crave the submissive she can be. Determined to help free her from her past they draw up a contract. A contract that forces Madison to tell all.

Madison finally has the chance to be free of the memories that have continued to haunt her. But can she truly trust these two men to accept her and all her faults? Can she be the submissive they need? 

DISCLAIMER: This book includes the spanking of adult women, and elements of BDSM including ménage and anal play. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.




Jill Shannon

Sapphire: Midnight Oasis, Book Two

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Jill Shannon
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Number of Chapters: Nineteen - Word Count: 96300




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A reader:


The second book in the Midnight Oasis takes the reader on a new journey, full of anguish, shock, reinvention, survival and new beginnings. Madison MacIntrye is like the phoenix that rose from the ashes and this story will cross many lines and eventually bring about peace and happiness. From the Onyx to Sapphire, the story evolves.

We met Madison while she was working on the Onyx and during the staff auction, Dimitri Zilkin, co-owner of Midnight Oasis, was the winning bidder for the night, or in this case, a week with Madison. It is the beginning of a D/s relationship, but things change with Xavier Legend enters the picture and he is calling her Amber. It is apparent there are secrets and both Dimitri and Xavier won’t stop until they have answers.

Two men, Dimitri and Xavier, both want Madison, and together they work out how they can both be in her life full-time, rather than trying to make her choose. They realize they can make this work, and would rather share her together than take a chance and both of them lose her forever. What will Madison do when she is propositioned by them to both be in her life as her Masters?

The one thing that these two Masters will demand is the complete story along with the truth of her life, her past, who she really is, and what happened to her to bring her to this place in her life. Can Amber/Madison take the chance that once Dimitri and Xavier know all the dirty secrets, what all she has endured, and how she has had to bury Amber Sinclair and emerge as Madison MacIntrye? “To life, love and truth. May they only bring us closer.” There is one other party involved in the secret.

The story has some intense heartbreaking moments, along with total acceptance. The good, the bad, and the ugly, all make up the life of Madison, and her men both admire and respect her for everything she has endured and overcome to emerge this beautiful, passionate, and giving woman. How far are they willing to go to make the culprits pay for her pain? The story is very explicit in sexual scenes that include M-F-M ménage scenes, BDSM, and even details in previous years, attempted date rape of a minor, rape, human trafficking, and drug abuse. I look forward to the third book that will be coming out in this trilogy, Dulcinea’s Destiny.

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A reader:

A steamy ménage romance

This second installment in the Midnight Oasis Series continues the story of Madison, Dimitri and Xavier. The book takes place on the Sapphire, Dimitri and Cameron's second BDSM cruise ship. While this book focuses on Madison, and her secrets that haunt her past and her present, there is plenty of interaction with the characters from Book 1, as well as the introduction of new characters. There are many, many hot sex scenes, but I wish there was more discipline, which was practically nonexistent. The book is well-written, with lots of play, love, and danger. I love the premise and storyline of the book, but for me, there is something missing. I look forward to the third book in the series with hopes that all the loose ends will be tied up. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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Joanie M

Highly erotic BDSM menage

This book is an extremely erotic continuation of the story of the Midnight Oasis Cruise line. The plot focuses on Dimitri, Madison, and Xavier who engage in a menage relationship, but includes the details of Madison's tragic history. With the return of the first book's main characters, this book begins with a sense of familiarity. The Sapphire is even more spectacular than the Onyx and the visual imagery is amazing. The book takes us on her maiden voyage but through memories and dialogue also takes us on the painful journey with Madison that led her into the arms of her two masters. Things get really interesting when the past meets the present, complete with an element of danger. The erotic scenes are numerous and well written; fans of BDSM menage will not want to miss this book.

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A reader:

Book 2

This was a good story. I recommend reading Book 1 first but not absolutely necessary. Well written sex scenes. However I was disappointed with the extremely brief and undescriptive spanking.

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