Misty Malone Being Schooled
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Travis Tranell's hard work as a salesman has finally paid off. He's been promoted to Vice- President of Henderson Manufacturing. He quickly discovers, though, that as much as he knows about sales, his knowledge of other parts of the business is sorely lacking. He signs up for a business management class at the local college he graduated from eight years earlier, hoping to get the additional knowledge he needs. 

His first class is interrupted when a lady comes in late, making way more noise than she should. As class goes on, he realizes that Tara Benion, the disruptive young woman, is everything he dislikes. When the professor pairs the two of them together on a project, Travis wants to object –until he talks to him. His mentor from grad school explains why he purposely paired them together. 

It then becomes a challenge, which is something Travis has never shied away from. As they work together, he learns a great deal, but not from the project they're working on. Tara is shocked to realize she's learning a great deal as well, but not from anything they've covered in class. She quickly discovers that Travis is not only the quintessential gentleman, he has some very old-fashioned beliefs. He never hesitates to put her over his knee if he finds it necessary to get her attention by driving the much needed lesson into her backside. 

Now the only question remaining is: can they put what they've learned to good use? 

DISCLAIMER:  This book contains the spanking of adult women. If this offends you in any way, please do not purchase.

Misty Malone

Being Schooled

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Misty Malone
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Number of Chapters: Fourteen - Word Count: 69411




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A reader:

Travis and Tara

Travis and Tara meet while taking a college course. The professor pairs them on a project and Travis is not to happy about it. During the project Travis finds that Tara is not doing what she is saying she's doing on the project. He finds out about her past and present problems and decides he needs to help her with them. They start dating and have a DD relationship. With one of the spankings Travis goes to far and they stop seeing each other. This book is great, has a good story and a great length. There are many spankings, some laugh out loud moments, the couple getting to know each other and doing fun things together and some serious issues that have to be resolved. Misty Malone writes great books! 5 big stars!

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being schooled

Being Schooled by Misty Malone
This is a cute story. Tara has a lot of issues with being overwhelmed. Her mother died when she was still very young and Tara has been going to school and working for yrs. Travis is a successful sales manager going back to school to enhance his career. Travis is very organized and ends up helping Tara clean her apartment so she has room to study and helps her get organized in her life so it isn’t so overwhelming for her. All of this brings them closer. Travis believes domestic discipline and Tara is defiantly not sure about it. This is a story of growing love and growing together in domestic discipline. Travis made a terrible mistake and spanked Tara hard when it wasn’t entirely her fault and it almost cost them their loving relationship. Tara and Travis make such a loving couple and seeing them grow gave me a warm feeling. This is a story of love and hope and growing together, and of course loving discipline I voluntarily reviewed this advanced reader copy and enjoyed it immensely. It was warm and loving and a very good read from start to finish.

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set free by Travis

I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book. Tara has never had anyone she could depend on to teach her self-control, discipline or even basic consideration. Her college professor assigns fellow student Travis to be her partner in an assignment and her trouble starts. Tara learns quickly that Travis will not put up with a liar, a procrastinator, or any misbehavior. It takes Tara a while before she comes to learn that a romance with discipline from Travis sets her free. Guilt for anything she's done disappears. DD HEA

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Hope W

Professor knows best...we hope!

I loved this domestic discipline romance. Tara and Travis met at school and are put together for a class project. Tara doesn't give a good first impression, but Travis soon learns there is more to Tara than he first saw. Her life is overwhelming her; however, Travis helps her get herself together and they begin to develop feelings. While no relationship goes smoothly all the time, a domestic discipline relationship has its own challenges to overcome. Can Tara accept who Travis is and the type of relationship he needs in life? Come read along and join in this rollercoaster relationship ride.
Misty Malone wrote another wonderful clean, domestic discipline romance. This story is filled with relationship challenges, a little action and mystery, well deserved spankings, and a lot of love. I highly recommend enjoying this wonderful couple's journey. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

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