Tess Matthews Under the Mistletoe
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If you are a girl and you fall in love with a boy you see only once a year, on Christmas Eve, for many years, do you marry him when you get older and he insists upon it? You do if you’re Janie Dunn, living in nineteenth century Alabama, and your only other option is to remain under the thumb of a drunken and abusive father. 

But the rash and impulsive marriage between Janie and Levi Atwood is hopelessly marred from the beginning. Janie disappears shortly after the ceremony, and the sheriff finds her father in their home, murdered with Janie’s knife. 

But Levi refuses to give up hope, never believing either that Janie murdered her father or that she, herself, suffered the same fate. He keeps searching for years until he finds her. Then it is up to him to help her sort out the twisted web of intrigue that her life has become, and along the way to instill respect for him and for his hard hand and paddle on her bare bottom. 

He also must prove to her how much he loves her, and how much he wants her to love him. 

Publisher’s note: Under the Mistletoe contains depictions of adult spanking and sexual activity. If that subject matter offends you, please do not read this book.

Tess Matthews

Under the Mistletoe

Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Tess Matthews
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Number of Chapters: Sixteen - Word Count: 40700




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I enjoyed this sweet romantic suspense story take plays out over several years. Christmas Eve and seventeen-year-old Levi Atwood finds fourteen-year-old Janie Dunn in the woods trying to get mistletoe out of a tree for her parents. They carry on a sweet conversation and agree to meet there again the next Christmas Eve, and then again the next. Over the years, both are growing up, but they develop feelings, exchange letters, but Janie’s life changes, and not for the better, as the years progress.

What goes from a mere friendship, starts developing into a loyal friendship, and eventually into romantic feelings over the years. Levi’s dream of becoming an attorney is partially hampered by his need to continue helping his family on their farm. Janie’s happy life is shattered by the death of her mother, her father not coping, and eventually his murder.

Levi and Janie fall in love, even though they live in different parts of Alabama, and Levi realizes Janie needs to be rescued. What would send Janie into hiding after her father was murdered? For years, she is missing, but where did she go, what does she know, is she still alive? The story progresses and as more of the mystery unfolds. Will Janie learn to trust Levi? The story has multiple spankings, and the sex is more implied and not detailed.

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A reader:

Under the mistletoe,,,

What a precious book! I really loved it! Janie and Levi are unspoiled, unselfish characters who truly fell in love with each other at the beginning of the book and then, Janie, in fear, seemed to evaporate into thin air. What followed was a series of twists and turns that kept me busy reading until the end! Great Job, Tess!

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