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Two brothers find love in this sweet historic romance.

Blessings in Disguise, Part One:

Ethan Barringer is a grieving widower with an infant daughter to raise. Faith Taylor is recently widowed. The meddlesome magistrate’s wife decides that she and Ethan should marry, because he needs help with the baby, and she can’t possibly run a large farm by herself. Pressured into marriage, the two have a lot to learn about one another. But can they risk the heartbreak that comes with falling in love?

Yuletide Blessings, Part Two:

Three years ago, York Barringer left his home and family far behind, seeking solace in the wilderness as he hunted and trapped for a living. He had fallen in love with the same woman his brother was going to marry. Now it was time to return. He rents a room from a widow and her daughter Hetty, offering the two women his protection while he’s there. When Ethan comes to visit and York sees he is with another woman, he is too angry to think clearly! He would have struck his brother, if Hetty, hadn’t stopped him. But her method of getting his attention has also earned her a trip across his knee. 

York discovers that whatever he had thought he felt for his brother’s first wife was nothing compared to what he feels for Hetty. He loves her, and wants to claim her as his own – but will she ever feel the same?

Rebecca Jacobs


Published by: Blushing Press

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Rebecca Jacobs
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Number of Chapters: Fifteen - Word Count: 63000




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Blessing in Disguise
This story takes place in 1818 Ohio when women had no rights or control. A young widow, Faith Taylor, is dealing with the sudden death of her husband James when a tree fell on him. Ethan Barringer has lost his wife during childbirth and is left to raise a daughter. Busybodies get involved and make threats to make Faith move into town and to take Lacey from her father unless they agree to marry.
While this isn’t a marriage of love, and actually no better than a shotgun marriage, it beats the alternative placed on both Ethan and Faith. Can Ethan and Faith learn to love each other, especially so soon after losing spouses they loved?
The plot is interesting and keeps the pages turning. A great cast of characters, some you like and others you can’t stand, but that is what brings about so much angst. Dominate men who take their women in hand. It is also a great lesson that not everyone is bad in a race or culture just because some were in the past.

Yuletide Blessings
York Barringer had made it to Ohio after traveling back from the west, hoping to make it to New York before Christmas, but became delayed due to illness. Finding the boarding house of Mistress Prudence Hastings and her daughter Hetty, he learns that his brother, Ethan, lives in the same town.
The story has many couples, sudden romances, a forced wedding, several encounters with angst, and dominant men who take their feisty woman in hand. There are several tense, life-threatening moments, and some happiness too. Overall, it is an entertaining story with an enjoyable plot that keeps the pages turning. It is nice seeing people from the first story, and some issues from it are mentioned in this story. I hope to see more of the Barringers, and people from this town in future stories.

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Great historical western

A fab historical western romance, this is two books but can be read as standalone, I had read Yuletide blessings before and it was fabby so got this to try

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