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La-la Land. The city of angels. The place where ordinary Joe or Jane can realize their dream of becoming rich and famous.

For Tori, Los Angeles is not living up to its promise. Rather than living her dream, she’s waiting tables—hoping for her big break. And hoping it will come before she runs completely out of money. In desperate times, we all take desperate measures, so she takes one step toward becoming a little less poor, possibly at the cost of becoming infamous.

Mark is a writer who has realized his dream. His book is about to become a real, honest to goodness, Hollywood blockbuster. He’s come down from Canada to work on the script. When he spies a beautiful young woman in tears, he naturally swoops in to help. But this young woman confuses him. She pulls him to her, desperate for his guidance, then pushes him away. Sure it will help calm her, he uses his newfound influence to secure her a small part in the movie version of his best-selling book. 

This is Tori’s big break, but instead of being happy, she’s panicking because her porn video is about to go viral. Everything will be ruined! Her big break will turn into a bust, and Mark will spurn her when he sees what she’s done. This is not the script she imagined for her life. 

Mark cannot understand. Why isn’t she happy? What is she hiding? Her secrets threaten to put an end to their relationship before it even begins. 

Can these two star-crossed outsiders survive Los Angeles and find fulfillment? Or will the sleazy world of make-believe destroy any chance they have for happiness?

Jamie Phillips

The Wrong Script

Published by: Blushing Books

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and Jamie Phillips
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Number of Chapters: Eleven - Word Count: 46000




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Take an author whose novel was a hit, and now it is being made into a movie. From his simple life in Canada to the glitz of Los Angeles and the movie world, brings a lot of dissolution. Mark is locked away in an out-of-the-way office to supposedly type it up as a screenplay. Long hours and short answers seem to be the order of every day.

Tori’s dream of making it big in Hollywood has been a huge letdown, now she is without her loser boyfriend, trying to make ends meet waiting tables, and still no real break into show biz. Desperate times and encouragement from a coworker has her agreeing to make a degrading sex video. The money will hold her over for a month or so, but now she is shattered by the event. Hiding and crying brings a knight in shining armor to her rescue when Mark hears her crying.

The relationship with Tori and Mark is a hot and cold, on and off situation throughout the book. Tori hasn’t been completely honest with Mark about everything and then it eats at her. She is excited when he gets her a screen test and she gets a very small part in the movie. Tori has read Mark’s book and is so confused that the movie is so different. What will happen when her porn video hits the airways? Will Mark dump her? Will the movie decide she is a liability? Can the mature and stable Mark help ground the impetuous and hotheaded waitress?

Tori accepts Mark’s dominance and she willing submits to his correction. There are multiple spankings with various implements, but the sex scenes are more implied than detailed. There is a large cast of characters, lots of personalities, the not so pretty reality of Hollywood, and a chance of two people finding each other and falling in love.

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A reader:

Mark and Tori

This book tells the story of Mark and Tori. Mark is an author and Tori is wannabe actress. The two meet when Mark hears her sobs of remorse. Tori, you see, filmed a sex tape. Mark escorts Tori home to the poorest part of the city. Over the course of their story, sparks fly and there are believably awkward moments. All along, it is clear that these two people are meant for each other. Tori needs the guidance and accountability that Jack provides her.

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Hope W

Wrong script...right person!

This book is a cute story of an on/off couple, Toni and Mark, who meet when Mark helps Toni, who is outside crying alone. Toni is a want to be actress who did a porn movie to make her rent and is devastated by how the men producing it treat her. When she meets Mark, an author, she asks for a part in a movie he is involved with. At first she appears self absorbed, erratic, and emotional; however, there is more to Toni than most people see. Mark is a writer who is helping with a screenplay for the book he wrote. He is a gentleman with an immense amount of patience, but he thinks nothing of putting Toni over his knee when she deserves it. When Mark sees Toni at a party with another guy he learns that his feelings run deep and he is jealous. He wants Toni for himself and he will not let anything stop him. Can these two people, with different temperaments, make things work together?
I recommend reading this book of up and down emotions that includes friendship, lust, sex, love, and also humor. The author shows the dark side of Hollywood and a couple that must choose how they want to live and what they are willing to do to achieve their goals. I voluntarily reviewed an advanced reader copy of this book.

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