BJ Wane Bound by Two: Virginia Bluebloods, Book Five
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After overhearing her husband and doctor plotting against her, Danielle Morrison flees her home in West Virginia. A few weeks later, after finding a place to lay low for a while in Richmond, she ends up stranded in an unfamiliar parking lot one night. Two caring, protective and dominant men come to her rescue, then offer her a glimpse into a lifestyle she never imagined would be for her. Soon she can’t resist either man or the sexual exploration they offer her, but will her secrets jeopardize her new relationships as well as her freedom?

Dale Evans and Eli Jackson have been best friends since serving in the military together after discovering they both had a penchant for BDSM and a love of ménage in common. Neither can resist the pull of Dani’s vulnerability, fear and open curiosity about their lifestyle, but their efforts to learn more about her over the next weeks are met with unbending resistance. After learning part of what she was keeping from them, they back away from her in anger and disappointment, only to return too late. Will their mistake cost Dani everything, or will they come to her rescue in time to save her from her husband’s threats?

DISCLAIMER: This book contains the spanking of adult women, elements of BDSM, power exchange, and explicit sexual scenes. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.

BJ Wane

Bound by Two: Virginia Bluebloods, Book Five

Published by: Blushing Books

Copyright 2016 Blushing Books and BJ Wane
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Number of Chapters: Eleven - Word Count: 44700




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A great addition to the Virginia Bluebloods series with several new Doms that are part of The Warehouse, a BDSM club in Richmond, Virginia. While this new story has some of the regulars from the previous books, it is also a new chapter of Doms and Subs. The story has great character development, intense scenes, and takes the reader on an erotic journey into BDSM and ménage.

Dani overhears a startling conversation in her husband’s office between him and the doctor and learns that they have been drugging her, embezzling from her families pharmaceutical company, and plan on having her committed to an asylum. In a panic, she flees Wheeling, West Virginia and finds herself in Richmond, Virginia. At night, a car following too close has her turning down a secluded street that takes her to The Warehouse; her truck won’t restart, and Masters Dale and Eli come to her aid and take her inside to get out of the cold while waiting for a tow truck. They can see her innocence to the BDSM lifestyle, but also the open curiosity. And thus, this journey of discovery begins.

Masters Dale and Eli are long-time friends from their time serving together in the military. They don’t mind sharing a woman and enjoy ménage scenes. They know Dani is hiding something and try to encourage her to talk to them. Dani was a trained veterinarian who lost her job due to being drugged by her husband, but her love of animals won’t stop her from volunteering at a SPCA, and even the Doctor there can sense Dani is keeping secrets. She can also tell that she has experience that Dani won’t reveal as to the extent of her veterinarian experience.

What will it take for Dani to open up? She makes an appointment with Master Dec and hopes the attorney and client privileges will allow her to tell what she knows, and hopefully someone will believe her. Is her time on the run, running out of time? Will Trevor find her first? An excellent example of how important trust in a D/s relationship is more than just during a scene. Lots of mystery, suspense, along with eye-opening scenes for a newbie. The scenes are detailed, and the sex is explicit.

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A reader:

5++++ Stars!

I thoroughly have enjoyed this series and this one is no exception. Ms Wane is a talented story teller, after just reading the first couple of pages, I couldn't put this book down. The three main characters, Dani, Master Eli, and Master Dale are both complex and interesting and the two guys are plain Hot. Dani is running from her husband and meets Master Eli and Master Dale in the parking lot of the Warehouse, a BDSM club, where her truck has broken down. This book is excellent with a few nail biters, can Dani get away from her husband and stay away, and can the guys rescue Dani in time. This book can be read as a stand alone but I have enjoyed reading each book in order because they included in each of them the added characters from the previous books. I don't think you will regret picking up this book to read, it is so enjoyable.
I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

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A reader:

"Oh, wow."

When it comes to contemporary romance with a BDSM twist, Virginia Bluebloods is a favorite series of mine. This book complements the series and yet, can stand alone.

Our heroine was manipulated during a time of immense grieving. After overhearing a conversation where she learns of her husband's malicious duplicity, Dani flees. Her life depends on it! She ends up in Virginia in a parking lot of The Warehouse, a club, just as her truck breaks down. Luckily there are two handsome men there to rescue her. As the story unfolds, you wonder if Dani will ever learn to trust again. When will she tell Dale and Eli the truth of her situation? How much longer will the men stay by her side if she continues to keep them at an emotional distance?

I enjoyed getting to know more about Dale and Eli. Despite the short length, their characters were very well-developed. This book is worth the read even if you have yet to dive into this series.

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Hope W

The only thing better than one sexy two sexy Doms! HOT!!

I enjoyed knowing the other characters through past books. This novella focused on Masters' Dale and Eli along with Dani. Dani has been running from her husband and a doctor for a short while now. When someone appears to be following her she pulls into and parks in the Warehouse's parking lot, scared and alone. When Dale and Eli find her they can see the fear and their protective nature kick in. While she is unable to reveal her past they become more involved and closer than she imagined would ever happen in her life. Will Dale and Eli be able to accept her lack of trust and honesty? Will Dani's husband, Trevor, find her and spoil her happiness or worse, harm her? Come read and enjoy this wonderful book.
I enjoyed this book from start to finish and hated to see it end. This menage romance was hot with these wonderful but complex characters. It was filled with intrigue, danger, steamy sex scenes, friendships (both old and new), and a lot of love. I highly recommend this must read book for your holiday reading and beyond! I voluntarily reviewed this ARC copy of this book.

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